10 Pakistanis who are shaping the Tech Industry of Pakistan

onSeptember 5, 2014   

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We’ve all seen the dot com bubble blow and burst. We’ve also all seen and read the success stories of the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Larry Ellison and Michael Dell. Somewhere in the middle of this process, however, a lot of us have either ignored or simple never taken out the time to research into the people who are working with us and among us to rocket Pakistan into the global technological community. It is with that understanding that the team at TechJuice decided to publish a list of these very people in order to assign them both the respect and the idolisation they deserve. These people have paved the way and made the path much easier to tread for the upcoming generation and their determination is such that not only does their work continue to live on but that they continue to innovate newer, better, more beneficial projects year on year. It is with that mission that we unveil our list of people who have defined and stabilised the industry. It is important to stress that since the contributions made my these individuals vary in nature; in the spirit of diplomacy we have structured the list to be featured in alphabetical order. Do make sure to let us know what you think!

10. Aamir Atta –¬†ProPakistani

Aamir Atta - Profile

Aamir Attaa is one of the few people among us all who¬†managed to manifest their dream so beautifully. Attaa is a Data Network expert by profession but holds substantial experience in the fields of journalism, Internet marketing, and Search Engine Optimization. He founded the popular website ProPakistani which has been publishing breaking news content from out native telecom industry for more than 6 years now. ProPakistani has consistently proven to be a reliable channel for inside scoops and behind the curtain happenings for the readers who’ve wanted a little more than the rest. Attaa’s initial vision is what has led it to it’s present place. His presence behind this massive cloud of information dissemination, with massive numbers of subscribers to their newsletters and a substantial amount of fresh visits every month, is what has handed Attaa a trump card of influence over the telecom industry as a whole.

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