Sense 5 EX by Hpsgill – HTC Explorer

by on May 18, 2013

Sense 5 EX by Hpsgill

In my opinion this Sense 5 EX by Hpsgill is the best-looking sense Rom available for HTC explorer. I am currently using this rom and I can say with surety that I am completely satisfied with it and hands down this is the best ROM I have ever used. Sense 5 EX is actually themed sense 4 designed to look and feel like sense 5. If you are bored by the looks of your phone then you should try this. It’s based on Sense 4a by Derefas. So all the credit goes to Hpsgill and Derefas. Sense 5 EX features an amazing experience of Android 4.0.3 and amazing sense 4 with sense 5 features.

Please charge your Phone to 60% at least and get back to this tutorial. :)

Root your phone

Root your phone If you already haven’t done that. You can follow our tutorial on rooting Htc Explorer http://bit.ly/13CPgd4 . It’s a simple procedure we are sure you can do it! If you have any questions, Please feel free to leave in the comments section below. :)

If you already have a rooted phone then you can skip this step but I recommend to flash the twrp recovery mode.

Make a Sd-ext Partition

The basic problem in the HTC Explorer is the low internal memory – when I got the phone I was very annoyed with it. It is recommended that you at least have a 4GB memory card on your phone. Please keep in mind that a sd-ext partition is necessary for every Sense 4a rom.

Benefits of Sd-ext Partition: As I mentioned earlier that low internal memory annoy users. The sd-ext partition is a type of partition, which can be used instead of the internal memory of your phone. So It means that all of your system files will be sent to your sd-ext partition not only that but all the apps which you install in the phone will also be transferred automatically to the sd-ext partition.

So that solves your internal memory problem. There are many different ways of making a sd-ext partition but we have made the process very simple for you. Just follow the below given steps properly.

  1. Copy all of your sd card data to your computer for a while. You have to do this because your sd card will be formatted.
  2. Go into the recovery mode (we are using twrp recovery mode. It is recommended to use that).
  3. In the twrp recovery press the “Advanced” button. Then press Partition Sd-card. At least 1GB partition is required. So set the EXT size to 1024 or higher if you want more memory in your SD-EXT partition. Set swap size to 0 and swipe the button to partition your sd card.
  4. After your phone finishes the partitioning process press the home button of your phone and press mount. From there press Mount USB Storage then connect your phone to your PC. You will get your memory card their transfer the backup of your card. If you don’t want to do that you can just boot your phone and transfer your files, as you usually prefer.
  5. Done you have successfully created a SD-ext partition. If you are not using the sense 4a roms it doesn’t mean that the sd-ext partition is no use to you. It’s still very useful because you can use it as your internal memory on almost every rom. If you are using a rom which doesn’t already supports a sd-ext partition then you can install the app “Mounts to sd” from Play Store and it will transfer all of your apps to the sd-ext partition.

Installing the ROM

Things get pretty simple from here. Just download the Rom file from here http://bit.ly/Z3FSzw and transfer it to the sd card.

In the recovery mode wipe everything except external memory do factory reset in the end. After this flash the rom (press install select file).

Done! :) Now just reboot your phone. The phone will take at least 10 minutes to boot so don’t panic just keep looking at the beautiful boot screen. After booting set up your phone and install your favorite apps.

It is possible that you face random reboots or lags. If you are getting those then all you have to do is flash this additional patch created by shekhutanwar

http://bit.ly/10C9mTz .


Sense 5 EX by Hpsgill Sense 5 EX by Hpsgill Sense 5 EX by Hpsgill Sense 5 EX by Hpsgill Sense 5 EX by Hpsgill Sense 5 EX by Hpsgill Sense 5 EX by Hpsgill Screenshot_2013_05_11_14_07_45

Written: Talha Masood (Creative: Fatima Rizwan)

  • malik

    stuck on htc sense 5 logo …plz help

    • FatimaRizwan

      What really happened? Did you try rebooting your Phone ?

      • Ankit Pancholi

        its only shows htc logo after robooting system n waited for half hour too but not starts

        • http://www.facebook.com/talhadabest Talha Masood

          are you using twrp 5 recovery??

          • Ankit Pancholi

            yes bro i also tried with twrp recovery n CWM but nathing happening .. we need to make sd-ext as a internal memory ?

          • http://www.facebook.com/talhadabest Talha Masood

            how much space have you given to the SD-ext at least 1 GB is required and what kind of sd card are you using?? try cleaning your data by superwipe http://bit.ly/13DLDTn just flash this then flash your ROM

          • harshil vyas

            how to increse internal memory after that flashing rom….and which script is should have to download..specify

          • http://www.facebook.com/talhadabest Talha Masood

            memory script is already installed in the rom :) you don’t have to use any. The memory depends on the SD-EXT, you have to increase that and reflash the rom

          • Ankit Pancholi

            yes bro i installed this rom successfully but its not work properly may be its because of rooted so i think i must have to unroot my phone . can i unroot my phone without using stock rom coz i want to use this rom and also want to relock bootloader . Suggest me bro plz

          • http://www.facebook.com/talhadabest Talha Masood

            you can’t do that. because if you face a problem on this rom then you won’t be able to solve it. Plus relocking the phone will remove superuser and the memory script won’t work.

          • Ankit Pancholi

            oh my god..Bro i unrooted my phone and my current rom is Sense 5 and really bro its working best and smooth without any error and other problems . actully i want to remove superuser as it sucks whenever i flashed any ROM and install link2sd and i fixed ext4 partition all apps stops working .. but can i root it back na by flashing superuser .zip file ?
            and also may i able to flash another rom ?

          • http://www.facebook.com/talhadabest Talha Masood

            Things are great now, but without root access they will start falling apart. link2sd is not recommended to use because it has broken many sd-cards, sense 5 rom already has a memory script you don’t have to choose any memory script. If you are asking for another rom than use mounts2sd. Yes you can root back and I suggest you do it as soon as possible if you flash another rom, and if it includes superuser then it will be installed automatically.

          • Ankit Pancholi

            Thanx bro but can u please tell me why my mobile stuck on boot menu its difficult to enter in recovery even my phone vibrating continuous, also its switch off automatically some times. can i fix this of problems ?

          • http://www.theappjuice.com/ Talha Masood

            you should do a clean installation,, It will fix it

          • Ankit Pancholi

            means? whenever i flash new rom i wipe everything except external memory though its happening . now im using Bulletsense rom coz sense 5 rom is not stable for my mobile as cant restart my cell and vibrating when i enter in boot menu . dont know whats wrong even i replaced my sd card using new one

          • NeEl

            Hi, I have flash sense 5 rom but, still internal storage is 150MB and free space in 25MB.., using Class 4 SD and the partition with Ext 4.. , Please help to fix it

          • http://www.theappjuice.com/ Talha Masood

            Please use the sense 5 Rom mentioned here http://www.techjuice.pk/best-htc-explorer-custom-roms/ :)

      • Abdul Rahman Khan

        but it getting unexpected reboot multiple times….. not even informing me it takes reboot

    • http://www.facebook.com/talhadabest Talha Masood

      it takes about 10 minutes there. If you’re phone doesn’t boot after 10 minutes then try reflashing the rom.

  • Ankit Pancholi

    i tried a lot with diff roms of sense 4, 5 but its always stuck on htc logo any outcome? nd unable to mount sd ext

  • Rajani Raman

    Thank you very much…….its really beautiful Rom..

    • http://www.facebook.com/talhadabest Talha Masood

      well all the credit goes to the creators Hpsgill and Derefas :)

  • pavan

    Will it install on cm recovery ? my rom is just showing boot screen not changing anything

    • http://www.theappjuice.com/ Talha Masood

      it works with cwm but not on every phone

  • pavan

    strucked at htc sense 5 logo used twrp recovery yet same probs

  • Ankit Pancholi

    when i use ext partition by installing link2sd or mount2sd problems starts .. any other way for using ext partition or can i use ext partition as internal memory?

  • Sarmad

    Hi. I have installed the ROM about 5-6 times in a row, using different recoveries and different methods including minitool partition wizard and those of the recoveries but the phone is not showing any increased internal memory or SD-EXT. Otherwise no problem was encountered in installation. Also, installed the flyrom script but it too was of no avail. Total internal memory is still 140 MB. Plz help if possible.

    • Sarmad

      I guess there is no answer to this problem… even the developer seems to be clueless as all the measures he posted in XDA forum doesn’t work… the moment the mv2ext file is removed from the rom as advised by him, the rom stops booting properly no matter what other scripts one installs ..

      • http://www.theappjuice.com/ Talha Masood

        it doesn’t matter if the phone is showing 140MB as internal.. all of your apps still go to the sd-ext and the 140 MB never fills up ok

        • Sarmad

          Unfortunately opposite is happening here.. the space is actually filling up fast. Tried installing the FlyROM v4… same happened with it… no sd-ext partition adding to the internal memory. Then installed the BulletSense Rom… it gave the 1gb internal memory, but had to dump that ROM cuz of its too many and too frequent reboots. So.. I guess the Sense 5 Rom is the best but there is some issue with it which is not allowing it to give the space. Also… PimpMyRom included with the Sense 5 ROM tells that the kernel has no support for init.d in which the sd-ext script is present (for autorun).

          • http://www.theappjuice.com/ Talha Masood

            PimpMyRom is buggy on all phones.. for memory here’s what you have to do.
            Open this page: http://www.techjuice.pk/best-htc-explorer-custom-roms/

            Download the memory script and patch file.
            Then follow the procedure given there with Sense 5 rom.
            Hope that solves the problem :)

          • Sarmad

            Hi. Already tried the patch method with the memory script, both in FlyROM and Sense 5 EX but unfortunately and strangely that didnt work for me. The space didnt increase or even act as pseudo-140mb… Also tried the method mentioned by Hpsgill in which he recommended the removal of his script while adding this flyscript. Anyway, settled on Presto ROM for now… it is acting really stable, has sense 5 feel with bit less animations, booting is really fast as compared to Sense 5 EX, Pseudo-140mb (which is fine with me)… and good part is that repeatedly rebooting it to recovery and bootloader gives no issue unlike Sense 5 EX in which the recovery started getting stuck by repeated boots from within the ROM. So guess, I’ll stick to this ROM till Sense 5 EX matures a bit more.. Thanks :)

  • Ashutosh

    this rom is awesoomm..no doubt. even till now i didnt find any bug except clearing app cache from inbuilt app for increasing memory.. but its neglegible bug.
    how to solve dis thing.

    • http://www.theappjuice.com/ Talha Masood

      really? reflash the rom it should solve the problem :)

      • Chitransh

        rom installed successfully but i cant install any apps because the internal memory is only shown 15 mb left after installing this rom and link2sd also doesnt work now what to do??

        • http://www.theappjuice.com/ Talha Masood

          try reflashing and never use link2sd. If that doesn’t work you can tell us here

  • aniket gsp

    Its nice….but wattsapp is geting problem. displaying your phones date is inaqurate!! please help me to solve this problem………wattsapp is my life dude!!!!!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/anshsaxena007 Ankush Saxena

      dude…. go to date and time settings…
      select ur GMT time

  • Shafnaz

    Link is not there.. Wanna download the ROM. Plz Provide the new link…

  • herenkeskin

    Hi, I try every method, but i install sense 5 and stay HTC Sense 5 Logo. What can i do?

    • http://www.facebook.com/anshsaxena007 Ankush Saxena

      well i think u left something… dude….

    • Ainuddin Faizan

      Refer http://htcpico.blogspot.in/
      Go the ROM’s section. They’ve given solutions for people getting stuck at boot. I too was getting stuck so then I upgraded my recovery and it worked. Unfortunately, I’m facing other issues related to link2sd.

  • http://www.facebook.com/anshsaxena007 Ankush Saxena

    cHITRANSH have u made sd ext partition

  • http://www.facebook.com/anshsaxena007 Ankush Saxena

    try mount2sd

  • Swastik Sharma

    plzzz help me out .. i installed thiz rom with twrp nd it’s works.. but the problm is it always show me 1.7 mb free space what i do….. nd on other roms my pico stuck at boot animation of rom…. mail me plzzzz .

    • http://www.theappjuice.com/ Talha Masood

      please wipe cache and try again

  • arpit

    ROM works fine but in call i cant hear voice and caller also dont hear my voice. this only problem i have face.

    • http://www.theappjuice.com/ Talha Masood

      please reflash the rom

  • Shafnaz

    Link is not there… provide the link plz…

  • Anuj

    the rom link is shown invalid…… plzz help

  • Khalid

    good and beautiful rom.. but no weather audio works and if i enable tethering phone goes to restart.

  • kiran

    my mobile stuck at htc logo ….help me pls

  • vishal

    hey it is stucking at boot animation plz help…
    and when i am back to stock explorer gb the sd card partition gets disappeared(unformatted)…
    is it a problem of recovery cwm??? plz help…

  • vishal

    super_wipe.zip works for phones which stuck at bootanimation,
    soooo goooood rom!!!!!

  • mihir raval

    i have installed it but when i call someone ,,i cant hear his voice properly …its like hummmm hummmm plz plz plz solve it

  • Rohinish Karan

    When i install any app in HTC sense 5 build#2 rom like as WeChat and WhatsApp my phone getting automatic restart again and again what should i do?
    and 1 thing is no any google packages like as Gtalk, Maps and htc friendstream what can i do? Pls help….

  • Etradif Guama

    Plz tell me about sd-ex. I have only 1gb card

  • Etradif Guama

    After installing this it don’t work

  • Etradif Guama

    STuck on HTC sense 5

  • Etradif Guama

    My account is not making. I already give a correct email address

  • akshat

    same vibrating problems with flyrom….what to do?

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  • Aswin Kumar

    i installed this sense 5 EX build #6 can u tell me how to move apps to sd-ext ….Is it moved automatically to the partition?

  • avinash

    i am stucked at htc sense5 logo boot animation….what to do????? plz someone help.

  • Jami

    I am currently using Jaggy Rom 3 ,phone is already rooted and ext partitioned. i want a better alternative because jaggy rom is giving me low internal memory issue. At the begining i had 150mb free and i have over 25 apps installed now its 28mb free. and apps like facebook give low internal memory problem. Is This rom any better in that area ?or should i just keep using jaggy rom.?