TechJuice 25 under 25 2017

TechJuice welcomes you to our annual feature Pakistan's 25 Under 25. Each year we bring you a list of high achieving Pakistanis under the age of 25 (or 25) who have excelled in technology arena. These young achievers have defied all the negative stereotypes attached to our country and garnered local and global accolades. Navigate through our list to e-meet innovators, entrepreneurs, artists and social activists that are stirring revolution in Pakistan.


Class of 2017

25. Muhammad Tayyab Alam

Age: 25 years

At just 25, Tayyab has taken the lead on introducing 3D-printed technology in various avenues across Pakistan.. read more

24. Ali Rashid

Founder CarChabi
Age: 24 years

Having received USD 150,000 in seed funding, Ali plans to make CarChabi one of the biggest IoT-based startups from Pakistan.. read more

23. Awais Imran

Age: 24 years

Internt Entrepreneur, Awais Imran has numerous achivements under his belt, the most prominent being his startup PriceOye and his work on evangalizing UX Design in Pakistan.. read more

22. Muhammad Usman

CTO, WonderTree
Age: 24 years

24-year-old Muhammad Usman is the brains behind the award-winning app for special needs children called WonderTree.. read more
Afnan Sharied Codistan

21. Afnan Sharief

Founder Codistan
Age: 24 years

Afnan Sharief is a young entrepreneur from Islamabad who is the founder of a leading Digital Services company in Islamabad.. read more

20. Hassan Shahid

Founder, Kickstart
Age: 24 years

Hassan established himself as one of the pioneers of co-working spaces in Pakistan when he launched Kickstart in 2016.. read more

19. Ali Ashraf

CIO, BurqStream Technologies
Age: 23 years

In his current role as CIO at Technologies, Ali Ashraf is taking hold of advanced researches and transforming them into consumer-friendly products.. read more

18. Ali Ayaz

Founder & CEO TapInsta
Age: 23 years

Ali Ayaz is a 23-year-old entrepreneur at the helm of TapInsta - an app which analyzes user behaviour and gives moment-based advertising.. read more

17. Fizza Waqar

CTO, GIS PLus Total Solution
Age: 23 years

Fizza Waqar is an entrepreneur from Islamabad who is heading a company which specializes in providing large scale GIS-based software services.. read more

16. Saad Mahmood

Software Developer
Age: 23 years

A former Microsoft Student Partner, Saad Mahmood splits his time between a full-time job and providing technical trainings to aspiring young people.. read more

15. Qasim Asad

Age: 25 years

Having already launched CampusFeed in five campuses across Pakistan, Qasim aims to launch it on a global level and compete with other social networking giants.. read more

14. Hassan Amjad

Amontoldem Hedge Fund
Age: 23 years

Hassan Amjad, a fin-tech enthusiast, aims to bring the revolution of cryptocurrency that will make all cash transactions digitized in the coming years.. read more

13. Usama Noman

Age: 23 years

Usama Noman is the founder of Botsify, a startup which has already garnered international attention.. read more

12. Sarah Ahmed

Software Developer
Age: 22 years

Sarah Ahmed is a trailblazer from Lahore who is a role model for young women aspiring to enter the Pakistani tech industry.. read more

11. Team TAME

Age: 22,21,22

Hooriya, Awais, and Arsalan are young electrical engineers aiming to change lives of tremor patients with their breakthrough technology called TAME.. read more

10. Huzaifa Sheikh

Cofounder Haptika
Age: 22 years

Huzaifa is a young individual from Karachi who is striving to introduce cutting-edge virtual reality to people in Pakistan.. read more

9. Maha Abdul Alaam

Age: 22 years

At only 22, Maha Abdul Alaam is a talented digital artist from Karachi where she is heading the entire Arts department at a well-reputed animations studio of Pakistan.. read more

8. Asad Raza

Age: 22 years

With his startup Neurostic, Asad Raza is changing lives of physically challenged people and patients of Parkinson’s Disease.. read more

7. Muhammad Haseeb Aslam

Student High Achiever
Age: 21 years

Haseeb Aslam is the pioneer of robotics culture at his alma mater and is the distinguished recipient of the Richard E. Merwin Scholarship.. read more

6. Mahrukh Mahmood

Program Manager Markhor
Age: 21 years

Mahrukh Mahmood is Pakistan's only certified student leader from USA's Magna Publications and is currently a Project Cordinator for CPEC’s Youth Development Programs.. read more

5. Hamza Waseem

Science Editor
Age: 20 years

Hamza is one of the youngest people in the world and the only Pakistani to be on the editorial boards of top international science journals.. read more

4. Zaryab Khan

Age: 20 years

This global influencer from Pakistan reviews tech gadgets on his YouTube channel and commands well over 300,000 active subscribers.. read more

3. Faizan Ahmad

Age: 19 years

Faizan is a remarkable teenager who has made a mark in many fields including cyber security, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science.. read more

2. Haris Badar

Pakhtun Wardrobe
Age: 18 years

A social activist from Swat who has been working day in and out, employing technology, to bring stability in the conflict hit areas of Pakistan.. read more

1. Tahira Muhammad

Social Activist
Age: 17 years

17-year-old Tahira Muhammad is rising from the challenges of family crisis and financial woes to provide young girls of Swat quality computer education.. read more


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