Afnan Sharief, Founder Codistan

Founder Codistan


Afnan Sharied CodistanAfnan Sharief, a fresh software engineering graduate, is running a company that has over 40+ national and international clients. His company is also the pioneer of some very famous products including MadHunt and iCataract.

Afnan hails from a small town in Punjab. He still remembers his first day at the university when he was introduced to big names like Google and Apple during the elementary ICT and orientation lectures, and told that he could also establish similar companies, provided he worked hard.

Afnan was intrigued by the fact that not even a single company from Pakistan was quoted as an example. However, he took it as an opportunity and committed to establishing such a company in future. Since then, Afnan has had a strong desire to make “a dent into the universe”. He had sky-high dreams. Unfortunately, he fell ill and had to leave his studies for two semesters. The stage was critical from where he fought back. Despite losing on a complete academic year, the struggle he underwent instilled in him the desire to achieve something big.

Afnan started his entrepreneurial journey and has since never looked back. He started off as the Managing Director at Aloo Clan, which is a digital services provider company. After some time he left it and formed his own company, Codistan, a self-sustainable digital services provider company. Right now, it is serving many brands including about 40 brands from Islamabad, 9 from UAE and about 3 brands from Australia.

Apart from Codistan, Afnan is also known for iCataract. iCataract can be connected to any smartphone and used to detect and quantify cataract. The said product has won the prestigious ITU Telecom World 2016 Young Innovators’ Competition. It was also in top 4 in the PTA mobile awards. MadHunt, another product of Codistan, has also been making waves for quite sometime now. It won the Startup Weekend competition in 2016 and was one of the top 5 startups selected for the Jazz NIC XLR8 program.

Afnan who has achieved so much in about 3 and a half years, aims at forming a Unicorn by 2020. He wants to scale Codistan, and his products including MadHunt by as much as he can. He is focusing to form a brand out of Pakistani soil, that he could name alongside the leading tech companies of the World – an aim he has been pursuing since his first day at the university.

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