Hamza Waseem, Science Editor

Science Editor


There is a figure in our minds about what an average Science nerd looks like – thick glasses, ruffled hair, reading away complex equations. Hamza Waseem almost fits this description except he is far from an average mind. Being a sophomore in Electrical Engineering at UET Lahore, one may think Hamza wouldn’t have time for anything but studies. In contrast, he is an Editor at, not just one, but six international Science Journals.

His foray into Science Journalism began during his first year of FSc. at GCU when he earned a coveted spot as a writer in the Scientific Ravi. Since then Hamza has been unstoppable. He is the first Pakistani to be an Associate Research Editor at Journal of Young Investigators, an Executive Natural Sciences Editor, a Senior Physics Editor at Young Scientists Journal, and member of Scientist Advisory Board of National High School Journal of Science – a position typically granted to PhDs. Hamza is also the youngest person in the world to be an Expert Reviewer at Questioz.

All these achievements are brilliant. However, Hamza is all about making a difference. He believes that clear communication in Science is imperative. People in Pakistan are seen doing remarkable work but unfortunately it is not documented well. As a result, new people who come along have to reinvent the wheel instead of building upon previous work. In order to create awareness in this regard, Hamza launched Spectra, an annual Science magazine which is currently published in UET Lahore. Moreover, drawing from his experience as a Science Journalist and Editor, Hamza has noticed that when it comes to Science there is no authentic journalism in Pakistan. Therefore, he feels strongly about popularizing Science among the masses so that people opt for careers both directly and indirectly related to it. For this purpose, he was an active committee member at last year’s Lahore Science Mela – which saw a massive participation from young people. This year as well, Hamza has several exhibitions in the pipeline to highlight previously unheard of stories of Science projects.

At only 20, Hamza boasts vast experience and is rightly positioned to make a lasting impact in the field of Science in Pakistan.

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