Haris Badar, Founder & CEO Pakhtun Wardrobe

Pakhtun Wardrobe


Haris Badar is a social activist from the post-conflict hit area of Swat. Despite being a teen, he has been working hard to promote the arts and crafts of his area. He is currently working to connect disaster-affected artisans with national and international markets through his venture, Pakhtun Wardrobe.

In 2009, the evil of terrorism rooted well-established cities out of their firm foothold. The family of Haris was amongst the ones who had to move out of their homeplace. The said turmoil instilled a strong urge in Haris to do something for the welfare of the victims of conflict. After moving back, Haris engaged in different social welfare activities for the society. His passion grew after working with an NGO that was focused on capacity building of the affected youth.

Haris has always had special interest in Arts. He was fond of traditional arts and aesthetics of the KP. The fact that terrorism had disrupted the arts industry severely shattered him. This was why he started Pakhtun Wardrobe. Pakhtun Wardrobe is an e-commerce platform which is working to connect disaster-affected artists with national and global markets. The startup has been modeled to stimulate economic development in the KP, and also revive the culture of craftsmanship.

Haris conceived the idea of Pakhtun Wardrobe in Feb 2015. At that critical stage of infancy, Hive (Karachi) jumped in to provide him necessary mentorship. Hive (Karachi) is a program that provides training, research, resource development and social innovation, mainly in order to mitigate the effects of terrorism.

In 2016, Haris signed an agreement with the Directorate of Culture, Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for the capacity building of artisans, in which he provided hands-on training to different artisans. Later, in October 2016, Haris got selected for the Emerging Leaders of Pakistan fellowship by the US department of State. Under the said program, Haris visited the US and met different like-minded people. He has also been offered associate fellowship of the Royal Commonwealth Society.

Provided all the things go well, Haris sees himself fully establishing Pakhtun Wardrobe, building artisans up, and catering to the worldwide markets in the future.

Tahira Muhammad, Social Activist
Faizan Ahmad, Researcher