Hooriya Anam; Awais Shafique; Arsalan Javed, Co-Founders TAME



Hooriya Anam, Awais Shafique and Arsalan Javed maybe young electrical engineers but with their unique blend of technical skills they have curated a breakthrough technology called TAME for tremor patients.

Over 280 million people in the world have lost their independence to Pathological Tremors. They can’t walk, eat, or sleep properly. Despite medical advancements in the world there is still no cure for tremors. However, TAME offers the solution for real-time suppression and diagnosis of Pathological Tremors without hindering the voluntary movement of the patient. It works essentially by sending low current pulses through the body in order to actuate a group of muscles which in turn generates a movement to counter that of the tremors. The team has gotten ethical approval to move ahead with patient trials and have successfully completed a pilot program at Fauji Foundation Hospital. What initially started as a final year project has now morphed into something that could put millions of lives at ease.
TAME has won accolades at various platforms including top prizes at Falling Walls Lab as Young Innovator of the Year 2016, FICS 2016, PIEAS Create ’16, and Best IT Innovation Award 2015. Earlier in 2017, the team was selected as one of the six finalists from across the globe to participate in the Intel IxDA Student Design Challenge 2017. Their pressing challenge is commercializing the product. Developing a product on a massive scale requires investment which can be very hard to find for young ventures in Pakistan’s current scenario.

Despite this challenge, Hooriya, Awais, and Arsalan continue to represent Pakistan on an international level and hope to bring TAME to tremor patients soon.

Huzaifa Sheikh, Co-Founder & CEO Haptika
Sarah Ahmed, Software Developer