Huzaifa Sheikh, Co-Founder & CEO Haptika

Cofounder Haptika


Realizing the true potential in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Huzaifa Sheikh along with his brother started Haptika, a robotics startup. It makes VR wearable that can provide simulations in the form of haptic feedback. The startup is doing great and boasts many achievements to its name.

Ever since his childhood, parents of Huzaifa who although weren’t highly highly qualified, focused pretty much on his education. It was due to his parents and elder sister’s efforts that he continued his studies. After his intermediate, Huzaifa was able to get an offer of the Bachelor in Computer Sciences program at IBA. He gives credit to the IBA for developing his exposure and grooming. In the last year of his degree when he was deciding about what final year project to go for, Huzaifa came about Haptika. His brother was back home after doing his Masters in Robotics from Korea. Huzaifa had his inherent interests lying in Virtual Reality. Amalgamating the two, they formed Haptika.

Since its inception, Haptika has earned many accolades. The startup was selected for incubation with the 3rd Batch at Nest i/o. After graduation from Nest i/o, they were selected for Center for Entrepreneurial Development Accelerator Program (CEDAP) at IBA Center for Entrepreneurial Development. It was also one of the 16 startups selected from 13 countries who visited Silicon Valley for They were also selected for the Founders Space Program.

Currently, he is also working on another product which aims at imparting the technical knowledge among the younger generation of students. The students, fourth graders and onwards, are being put to fun workshops and learning camps where they get hands-on knowledge of applied tech skills such as coding and robotics.

In future, Huzaifa wants to explore VR prospects further into complex fields such as medical science.

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