Maha Abdul Alaam, Digital Artist


Animations and Cartoons are what define Maha’s childhood. Realizing her ambition, Maha started to work on it. She is only 22. However, she is the proud team lead of the Arts department at Waadi Animations which is the company behind the highest ever grossing Pakistani animated film, 3 Bahadur.

Since her childhood, the cartoons and animations were something more than entertainment to her. They set the world’s perspective for her. Even when she had to study, she could be found doodling on the corner of her notebook. However, she never thought of it as a profession then. She was following business and finance in her O-Levels and had no idea then that Arts was such a vast field.

During her GCE-O Levels, a woman introduced her to Digital Arts. It was a new world for Maha. She went home and looked up over the internet and got to know about great artists and learned how things worked.

She started participating in arts competitions and started saving the prize money she won and bought herself a graphics tablet. This was the point when she started to shift from tangible arts to digital arts.

After her GCE A-Levels, she got a job as a Digital Illustrator at Geo. She started making editorial comics and political cartoons. But that was not it. She had an intense inclination towards animation and cartoons. She worked as a Digital Illustrator for about one and a half years before she finally got a placement at Waadi Animations.

Waadi Animations is a joint venture of ARY Films & SOC Films which is dedicated to producing animated content. Waadi Animations is also known for the production of 3 Bahadur.

After joining Waadi Animations as a concept artist, Maha worked on making of the second iteration of 3Bahadur – 3 Bahadur and the Revenge of Baba Balaam. In her continued work at Waadi, Maha has also worked alongside the Academy Award-winning filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy. Maha was one of the only female employees in her team when she joined as a concept artist now she has taken on the role of Team Lead of the Arts Department.

In future, Maha plans to tackle the gender-related biases through her artwork. She also wants to work and promote arts in Pakistan.

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