TechJuice 25 under 25 2018

TechJuice welcomes you to our annual feature Pakistan's 25 Under 25, class of 2018. Each year we bring you a list of high achieving Pakistanis under the age of 25 (or 25) who have excelled in technology arena. These young achievers have defied all the negative stereotypes attached to our country and garnered local and global accolades. Navigate through our list to e-meet innovators, entrepreneurs, artists and social activists that are stirring revolution in Pakistan.


Class of 2018

25. Abdullah Soomro

Micropower Labs
Age: 25 years

As a young Electrical Engineer from Larkana, Abdullah has made its mark as a brilliant entrepreneur and innovator. His Flash Pack is one of the fastest charging power banks in the world and his startup Micropower labs is attracting a number of investors both in Pakistan and abroad.. read more

24. Awais Farooq

Alfa Cybernetics, CompareBox and
Age: 25 years

25 years old Awais Farooq, a Lancaster University graduate, is the founder of Alfa Cybernatics, a software house working on projects such as, an ambitious comparison based website for buying products, and, online marketplace centered around financial leasing. . read more

23. Umair Atta

Age: 25 years

25 years old Umair Atta, a university dropout, is disrupting the logistics industry with Freightix, a startup generating nearly 4.8 millions rupees in revenue after only a year of operations.. read more

22. Radha Mohanlal

Asaan Taleem
Age: 25 Years

Radha Mohanlal, a 25-year-old social entrepreneur from Karachi, started Asaan Taleem to provide free tutorials to the college students. The portal also effectively uses technology to bridge the gap college students and professional female tutors.. read more

21. Muhammad Hassan Khan

Trax Logistics
Age: 24 years

Despite being only 24 years old, Muhammad Hassan Khan, a BBA student from Karachi, has successfully launched a fulfillment company, disrupting the local delivery business in process.. read more

20. Shaheer Ahmed

Age: 24 years

Shaheer Ahmed, a 24 years old Electronics Engineer from Karachi, is looking to instill a deeper understanding of STEM subjects in younger generation through his social enterprise named TechTree.. read more

19. Fahad Hassan

Age: 24 years

24 year old Fahad, a freelancer and an entrepreneur, is working to revolutionize the auto-vehicle marketplace with his latest venture, CertCar.. read more

18. Team ModulusTech

Age: 24 Years

Team ModulusTech is a team of three civil engineers that aim at solving the accomodation-related rehabilitation issues through their innovative housing solution that is sustainable, low-cost, environment-friendly, robust and can be made in under 3 hours.. read more

17. Ume Aymen

Age: 24 Years

Ume Aymen is the acting COO of VirtualEye, a startup developing smart gadgets and mobile apps which helps the visually impaired by letting them recognize text, currency, color and faces.. read more

16. Ozaal Zesha

Clique Technologies
Age: 24 Years

Ozaal is the Chief Executive Officer of Clique Technologies, a smart home startup which is automating homes and leading active research to solve the energy-related crisis that plagues the modern world.. read more

15. Shanza Khan Shahani

Age: 23 years

Shanza Khan Shahani, a 23 year old computer scientist from Karachi, has developed a speech therapy program designed to cater to children who identify Urdu as their native language.. read more

14. Usama Abid

Age: 23 years

Usama Abid, a passionate and inspiring entrepreneur from Lahore, has instilled the “Do it Yourself” spirit among thousands of kids across the country through DIYGeeks, an online platform aiming to socialize technology. . read more

13. Faaiz Javed
Age: 23 Years

This influencer from Pakistan started blogging back in 2014. Fast forward four years, Faaiz is successfully running several media channels along-side the highly famous media channel read more

12. Hassan Iqbal

Age: 23 Years

Hassan Iqbal is a 23 years old Electrical Engineering graduate who, in his fight to remove the menace of water-borne diseases in Pakistan, came up with a smart and cheap device that can detect accurate concentrations of contaminants present in water. . read more

11. Hamza Afridi

Age: 23 Years

Hamza Afridi is a 23 year old electrical engineer from Islamabad who built an automated bike renting system and ultimately a company. Focused around promoting cycling, a healthy, green and economical mode of commute, his startup known by the name of Cykiq is already running full-fledged operations.. read more

10. Team Infusion Pump

Low cost infusion pump
Age: 22 years

Bilal and Muneeb are Electrical Engineer students from Lahore who have managed to design a low-cost automatic infusion pump.. read more

9. Yahya Ali

Project 50 Kids
Age: 22 years

Yahya Ali is a computer science student from Lahore who, apart from being a high achieving student, is paying his dues back to the society through a startup named Project50 Kids, which aims to increase technological literacy among children.. read more

8. Bilal Munir

Age: 22 Years

Bilal Munir is the young Pakistani behind VideoWaliSarkar, the largest technology review channel on YouTube which is in the Urdu language. . read more

7. Syed Tabish Ahmed

Age: 20 years

20 years old Syed Tabish Ahmed is a computer science student from University of Karachi whose work on Asmder, an IDE for Assembly Language, has garnered praise from teachers and students alike.. read more

6. Arhum Ishtiaq

Age: 20 years

Arhum is a 20 years old student from Karachi who, through his startup ConnectHear, is working to enhance and improve integration of deaf community within the society.. read more

5. Javaria Waseem

Writer, Photographer and a Filmmaker
Age: 20 Years

Javaria is a young artist from Lahore who has a passion to create art in every form possible. Up till now, Javaria has written more than 400 poems and has got national and international recognition on her work in photography and videography.. read more

4. Aleem Bukhari

Digital Artist
Age: 20 Years

Aleem Bukhari is a 20 years old artist from Hyderabad, a high performer who has already made his mark in several media-related streams including photography, videography and digital arts.. read more

3. Shahmeer Chaudhry

Age: 18 Years

Shahmeer is an 18-year-old game developer who has already managed to gather as much as a million downloads on dozen games on Google Play store alone. . read more

2. Babar Khan Akhunzada

Age: 18 years

Babar Khan Akhunazada is an 18 year old network security specialist from Peshawar who has worked with a number of international and national companies to improve upon their cybersecurity measures through his startup SecurityWall.. read more

1. Muhammad Shaheer Niazi

The Electric Honeycomb
Age: 17 Years

Muhammad Shaheer Niazi is a 17-year-old physicist who amazed world-class scientists through his breakthrough research in the strange rose window stability.. read more
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