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Yaseen, Nabeel and Saquib were in their final year at NED University Karachi, when they came across the Syrian refugee crisis which was making a lot of headlines back then. Realizing that housing those refugees was becoming a bigger challenge with each passing day, these fellows started to think of ways through which they could contribute towards reaching a solution.

The students first came across the problem back in January 2016, but they didn’t have any idea as to how this could be achieved more efficiently and even if housing such a great number of people was possible with the given resources. They took this problem on as part of their final year project and started researching for possible solutions. With hours of research in a number of different fields, they were finally able to come up with a prototype of a house which they could build in three hours and that too in a very cost efficient way.

The house used the concept of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and solar energy simulations to come up with a solution that complied to all of the international building codes, thus providing an optimum solution in terms of constraints such as cost, weight, modularity, quality, strength and sustainability. Moreover, the house used environment-friendly materials with low carbon footprint and was even earth-quake and cyclone resistant. The 230-square ft. house that could be constructed in three hours with the help of three workers had a lifespan of 10 years, and came equipped with electricity, plumbing, and ventilation.

After graduating from the university, the team ModulusTech decided not to abandon this idea as it addressed a universal problem. They started looking for means through which they could further develop this as a feasible product. This was when they came across Nest I/O. Seeing that the incubation center was looking for applications, these talented individuals applied for it and were able to secure a spot. During the six months stay that they were incubated at Nest I/O, team ModulusTech was able to mature their product and launch it under the umbrella of an established company.

Due to their work on this housing solution, ModulusTech’s team has earned a number of distinctions. Yaseen Khalid, one of the co founders, was selected in the Westerwelle Young Founders’ Program in Berlin. He was one of the 25 participants that were selected within a pool of 2000 applicants from all over the world. ModulusTech was also selected for the final round of OpenIDEO Bridge Builder competition and the Ideas for Action competition by World Bank.

They recently won a grant of $20,000 from UNIDO Global Cleantech Innovation program. In October of last year, the startup got selected among top 500 deep tech startups that were invited to pitch in Hello Tomorrow Summit in Paris.

In future, they want to further their capabilities in the domain of sustainable housing solutions. They want to scale up their production capacity and build a manufacturing plant to provide these solutions on a national and international level.

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