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TechJuice welcomes you to our annual feature Pakistan's 25 Under 25. Each year we bring you a list of high achieving Pakistanis under the age of 25 (or 25) who have excelled in technology arena. These young achievers have defied all the negative stereotypes attached to our country and garnered local and global accolades. Navigate through our list to e-meet innovators, entrepreneurs, artists and social activists that are stirring revolution in Pakistan.

team travly

25. Team Travly

Co-founders Travly
Age: 26, 26, 24, 24, 24

Shahmir, Faizan, Zohaib, Talaal and Mehmoor are the co-founders of Travly, an Uber-like service for Rikshaws, that lets you call a Rikshaw from an app. The startup now provides its services for Lahore as well as Karachi.. read more
Sameer Ahmad Khan, 25, Ouzel Systems

24. Sameer Ahmad Khan

Founder Ouzel Systems
Age: 25

Sameer is the founder of Ouzel System, a provider of various digital service including application development, and SocialChamp, a twitter client that lets a user post a tweet for a specified number of times. The twitter client has attracted international attention, and is used by numerous local agencies and celebrities.. read more
Arusha Imtiaz, 25, Edjunction

23. Arusha Imtiaz

Co-founder Edjunction
Age: 25

Arusha is the co-founder of Edjunction, an education platform to let parents keep in sync with their children. She has also worked with City District Government Lahore to conduct pilots in government schools and recently went to Oslo, Norway to pitch her startup idea at the Telenor Digital Winners competition.. read more
Komal Ashfaq, 24, Digital Artist

22. Komal Ashfaq

Digital Artist
Age: 24

Komal is a digital artist and the founder of Komal's Comics, the incredibly popular page on Facebook. Recently, she has started work as the lead designer for an app to help children learn better and also launched her very own online clothing startup.. read more
Haris Zulfiqar, 24, Web Developer

21. Haris Zulfiqar

Web Developer, Avada
Age: 24

Haris is a web developer and the co-founder of ThemeFusion, the first ever company to cash in $10 Million from the theme marketplace “Envato”. Their theme is the best selling as well as one of the highest ranked ones on the marketplace.. read more
Maaz Kamal, 23, Interacta

20. Maaz Kamal

Founder Interacta
Age: 23

Maaz is the founder of Interacta, a unique way of interacting with live TV shows. He has gotten incubated at LCE and has also raised $220,000 of funding for his startup.. read more
Ali Haider, 23, Humans of Pakistan

19. Ali Haider

Co-founder Humans of Pakistan
Age: 23

Ali is the founder of Humans of Pakistan, a Facebook page and blog showing the good side of the society. His work has been widely appreciated and has pulled in a huge following on the social network, also managing to get him selected for the “15 Emerging Leaders of Pakistan”, a fellowship program by the Atlantic Council and US Department of State.. read more

18. Team NUST Foot

Gold Medalist Researchers
Age: 21, 22, 23, 23

Farjad, Noor, Usman and Umar are engineers from NUST that have developed a practical and incredibly cheap AI-based prosthetic foot. They also won a gold medal for their project at the APICTA awards this year and are planning to release it for the Pakistani population.. read more
team lithomatic

17. Team Lithomatic

Co-founders Lithomatic
Age: 22, 21, 21

Amna, Osama and Anand are three young entrepreneurs in the medical field that have developed an incredibly cheap alternative device for urinary stone removal product for the Pakistani market, winning 8 local as well as one international award. Instead of accepting investment or any kind of incubation, they are self-funded and work from their own pocket.. read more
Omer Ahmed Khan, 22, Student

16. Omer Ahmad Khan

Student High Achiever
Age: 22

Omer is a graduate from NED and a former Microsoft Intern, and was also shortlisted and invited to Microsoft's Advanced Technology Lab, the first Pakistani in three years to achieve this. Skilled in Mobile Application development, he has also offered Android Development lectures in Pakistani universities.. read more
Umay Salma, 22, Student High Achiever

15. Umay Salma

Student High Achiever
Age: 22

Umay Salma is an Electrical Engineer, a mother and has an incredibly illustrious portfolio filled with achievements like Cultural Ambassador at US Department of State, IEEE Islamabad's Student Section Representative in Asia-Pacific, Matriculation topper and Climate Reality Leader.. read more
Azqa Nadeem, 22, Academic High Achiever

14. Azqa Nadeem

Academic High Achiever
Age: 22

Azqa is a graduate from NUST SEECS, and the first person ever to score a perfect 4.0 CGPA in SEECS. She has interned at CERN, winning the “Best Lightning Talk” title. She has received widespread acclaim from the Pakistani community, and also received the NUST High Acheiver award by Rector NUST.. read more
Rafay Baloch, 22, Ethical Hacker

13. Rafay Baloch

Ethical Hacker
Age: 22

Rafay is an ethical hacker, cited as one of the best around the globe. He is also known for hacking PayPal to expose vulnerabilities in their service, receiving a cash prize and job offer in return. Apart from that, he has received recognition by SC Magazine in their list of Top 35 threat seekers and is in the process of publishing a book on hacking.. read more
team trequant

12. Team Trequant

Co-founders Trequant
Age: 22, 22, 21

Fawad, Usman and Usman are the developers of Trequant, a wristwatch that doubles up as a tool to help people with Essential Tremors disorder to control and track their disease. They have won several accolades and awards with their startup, including a Rs.30 Million prize money, and have also been selected for i2i Challenge Cup's Regional Finals in Dubai.. read more
team cricflex

11. Team CricFlex

Co-founders CricFlex
Age: 22, 21, 21

Abdullah Ahmed, Jazib Khan and Muhammad Asawal are the three names behind CricFlex, a small wearable device that can instantly determine the legality of a bowler's action, which they developed as a University project. They not only made it themselves and from scratch, but have also submitted a research paper on the idea that they presented at MIT.. read more

10. Muhammad Khanani

Founder Bytes.pk
Age: 22

Muhammad is an entrepreneur and the founder of Bytes.pk, a new online retailer in Pakistan. In under a year, he has managed to push Bytes.pk into becoming a force to be reckoned with in Pakistani tech gadget retailer industry.. read more
Sarah Ahmad, 21, Software Engineer

9. Sarah Ahmed

Software Engineer
Age: 21

Sarah Ahmed is an engineering student at NED and the inventor of I-Interpreter, a device that provides mobile communication for deaf and dumb people using sign language instead of voice. She has also developed a Hybrid Mobile Application for Anti-Car Lifting Cell and is an exceptional programmer.. read more
Mahoor Jamal, 21, Fashion Illustrator

8. Mahoor Jamal

Fashion Illustrator & Portrait Artist
Age: 21

Mahnoor Jamal is a social media icon in Pakistan, known for her incredible artworks and abstract portraits, which she regularly posts on her Instagram and Facebook profiles.. read more
Mian Hamza, 21, AutoGenie

7. Mian Hamza

Founder AutoGenie
Age: 21

Hamza is the founder of AutoGenie, a car maintenance-providing startup. Apart from his studies, he is also successfully running AutoGenie and has represented his startup at international competitions like Startup Istanbul.. read more

6. Faryaab Sheikh

Smartphone Expert at About.com
Age: 19

Faryaab is a writer and has worked as the Editor-in-chief of SamMobile, a favorite for Samsung users around the world, after he joined it at the age of 15. His fascination with technology has also managed to land him a job as a smartphones expert at About.com, one of the world's leading platforms for top-notch content.. read more
Asad Jamal Malik, 19, Noema

5. Asad Jamal Malik

Co-founder Noema
Age: 19

Asad is the founder of Noema, an app for sharing thoughts via voice, and the winner of Shore Pitching Competition in Czech Republic. He was also awarded a full scholarship to study at Bennington College, where he won a major hackathon and recently, he has been invited to speak at TEDx's first event in Libya.. read more
Syed Sumail Hassan, 16, Professional Gamer

4. Syed Sumail Hassan

Professional Gamer
Age: 16

Sumail is a 16-year old professional e-gamer from Pakistan. He is a phenomenal Dota 2 player and holds the world record for the youngest ever player to cross $1 Million in winnings.. read more
Hamza Tariaq, 16, Graphics Designer

3. Hamza Tariq

Graphics Designer
Age: 16

Hamza Tariq is a 16-year old designer and illustrator. Founder of Rubik's Cube, a digital media agency, he has also worked with people from MIT and Oxford University and was the winner of Behance Design Award for November.. read more
Muhammad Shahzad, 14, Ethical Hacker

2. Muhammad Shahzad

Ethical Hacker
Age: 14

Muhammad Shahzad is a self-taught security researcher and ethical hacker, and is known for having found numerous vulnerabilities for Google, Microsoft and Apple. The young teen also works as an intern at Plan9 and is looking to start his own startup with the Plan9's Launchpad.. read more
team teddict

1. Team Teddict

Co-founders Teddict
Age: 12, 16, 18

Ayesha, Abdullah and Asad are home-schooled and believe that traditional education kills creativity. They came up with an idea of a platform - teddict - for peer to peer learning, where anybody can be a teacher or a student. They were enrolled at NEST I/O incubator in Karachi.. read more
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