Arusha Imtiaz, 25

Co-founder Edjunction


Arusha Imtiaz, 25, EdjunctionArusha has a lovely nephew, who goes to school. While discussing education of her nephew with her siblings, they realized that, owing to social media, they are minute by minute updated on lives of celebrities but as ironic as it may sound, they don’t know what their child does at school.

This discussion gave birth to Edjunction (formely MySmacEd) – an education platform for parents to stay in sync with teachers at school and get instantaneous updates on their child’s progress.

From there on, there was no looking back. Arusha left her full time job to work on this idea. As the co-founder and COO of Edjunction, her first breakthrough was getting incubated at Plan9, and while being incubated there, she managed to raise seed funding at a valuation of 2 million dollars.

Edjunction team is now working closely with the City District Government Lahore to do their pilots in governmental schools. Thousands of students, teachers and parents in Pakistan (and abroad) are now using this collaborative platform to be more aware, synced and knowledgeable. The platform is getting appreciation and very good feedback.

Edjunction is not targeting Pakistan only. The platform is international and Arusha truly wants to make it a global phenomenon. She recently went to Oslo, Norway to pitch her application at Telenor Digital Winners competition. Her application was selected as the best educational application out of thousands of other competing apps in Pakistan.

Edjunction was also incubated at Microsoft Innovation Center Lahore and was launched officially at the Telenor Expo by CEO of Telenor Pakistan, Michael Foley in Karachi.

In 2016, Arusha is hoping to step into US market. Edjunction can be the one “Unicorn” we are all have been waiting to come out of Pakistan.

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