Ayesha Babur- 18, Abdullah Babur – 16, Asadullah Babur – 12

Co-founders Teddict


team teddictAyesha, Abdullah and Asad are siblings and unlike majority of young kids their age, they are home-schooled. This fact was always a great conversation starter whenever they met with other age fellows and their parents. Strong believers of the idea that traditional schooling kills creativity and design learning, these siblings came up with an idea to empower young fellows.

They started working on a platform – Teddict – for online peer to peer learning. It lets young students decide what they want to learn for themselves and share their knowledge with other peers, hence, creating a neutral environment where everybody is a teacher and everybody is a student. The platform can also be a tool for young students to network and make new friends of same interests but different backgrounds.

The siblings were also incubated at NEST I/O and released the first iteration of their product. Although the product is not completely developed and needs more iterations, the team is fully focused on the project and is aiming to improve it in the upcoming days.

Teddict won this year’s P@SHA ICT Awards and Asia Pacific ICT Awards in the category Best School Project.

These youngsters haven’t even hit 20 yet, but they firmly believe in the idea that they stand for and display wisdom that is beyond their years.

Muhammad Shahzad, 14