Maaz Kamal, 23

Founder Interacta


Maaz Kamal, 23, InteractaMaaz Kamal came up with the idea of Interacta while working on a university project. Excited about the future prospects, he ditched university for a while and started working on this idea full time. He was incubated in first cycle of LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship.

Interacta gives a second screen (smartphone) to your television to interact with the running shows. For example, a cooking show host can directly share the recipe at the end of cooking or do a live poll with millions of people watching the show.

For this application to work, the user must have mobile application installed and the television network must have this technology at their end. Interacta’s application senses the sounds coming out of Television and initiates different activities on mobile phone.

Earlier this year, Maaz was able to raise 220,000 USD of seed investment from Fatima Ventures. Currently, Interacta is working closely with Smart TV Pakistan, and a few international media organizations to setup Interacta as their interactive medium.

An entrepreneur to the core, Maaz has chosen an incredibly unique idea through which he wants to bring the age-old television medium into the modern era with Interacta, showing how confident he is in his own capabilities.

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