Mahoor Jamal, 21

Fashion Illustrator & Portrait Artist


Mahoor Jamal, 21, Fashion IllustratorAt some point in our lives, all of us are forced to make life -changing decisions and take a stand for ourselves. Mahoor Jamal did her FSc. with Pre-Medical courses. Being an all-star student, she put in a lot of effort into her entrance exam. When the results came, Mahoor had missed the merit by 0.2%. She then went for a gap year in order to improve her score. That time period played a very important role in where Mahoor stands now. In that gap year she realized that she didn’t really want to to become a doctor and was only doing it to make her parents happy. By the end, with her mother’s support, Mahoor took the plunge and enrolled in Fashion Designing at Iqra University, Peshawar.

That life-changing decision has proven to be the best thing that ever happened to her. Mahoor runs a very successful Facebook page, where she regularly posts her artwork and has a lot of following as well. What is more interesting is that, Mahoor doesn’t just post her work, she is using her skill as a good source of income. It started as a 5×7 inch portrait she did for a friend, since then there has been no slowing down.

Seeing her amazing work on Instagram, Mahoor was approached by several designers including the likes of Zara Shahjahan and Rani Emaan, for whom she did fashion illustrations and wall mural designs. Her work has also been featured on the cover of Sunday Times. Mahoor’s work can also be seen in the form of a magnificent wall mural at BaseCamp Peshawar.

Mahoor may not have received all this appreciation had she not been brave enough to switch routes and take the one she actually liked. For this very reason, she is a source of inspiration to the many people who never pursue their dreams.

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