Omer Ahmed Khan, 22

Student High Achiever


Omer Ahmed Khan, 22, StudentOmer Ahmed Khan has just graduated from NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi. But, this year was no less than a roller coaster ride for him. Omer, like majority of his age fellows, spent most of his time in university occupied with home work, assignments, exams preparations and all things related to his course. It was earlier this year when he realized that in order to land a job at a coveted place, he needs to shape up his personality and participate in other activities as well.

Omer, by the summer time, had started exploring opportunities and this is when he came across the Microsoft Internship Program at Cairo. Omer was shortlisted among 520 applicants and was invited to Microsoft’s Advanced Technology Lab to focus on Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Mining, Speech Processing and Image Understanding. He is the first Pakistani in three years to achieve this feat.

On coming back, Omer volunteered for the Google Android Club Facilitator. Owing to his established skills in Mobile Application Development, he was once again shortlisted to learn Android via online lectures. Once down with the facilitation course, he himself has offered Android Development lectures in universities.

Omer also represented his NED University at International IEEE forum when his application was shortlisted on recruitment. He has also been shortlisted for the upcoming incubation batch of NEST I/O.

An exemplary student, Omer had been a little unsure about the practical world but he impressively used his skills and capabilities to create his own path ahead, scoring a number of achievements during the process.

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