Sameer Ahmad Khan, 25

Founder Ouzel Systems


Sameer Ahmad Khan, 25, Ouzel SystemsThe founder and CEO of Ouzel Systems, Sameer Ahmad Khan, is still sticking to his services business because he believes investments are overrated and aren’t a sure short step to success. His services business is giving him enough money to keep the lights on and invest in his product, Social Champ.

SocialChamp is a Twitter client which lets a Twitter user post a tweet for ‘x’ number of times. You can define the different time slots for each time the tweet is repeated. The default time difference in 8 hours.

In a brief span, the tool has got attention of local agencies, celebrities and media websites, whereas, on an international scale some magazines and popular Twitter users are using this client.

Ouzel System was incubated at Nest I/O where Sameer worked on this product from scratch. In addition to running his services company and working on this product, Sameer is often seen at different universities giving lectures on Microsoft and its technologies.

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