Syed Sumail Hassan, 16

Professional Gamer


Syed Sumail Hassan, 16, Professional GamerHailing from a country where gaming is disregarded as a profession, Sumail Hassan has made quite a standing for himself. And he did all that before his 16th birthday.

Sumail is a professional gamer associated with the world’s most popular e-game called Dota2. Defense of the Ancients (DotA) is a strategy-based, multiplayer online battle arena. People play in teams of 5 (or less) and the objective is for each team to destroy the opponents’ Ancient, heavily guarded structures at opposing corners of the map.

Sumail started playing Dota at the age of 7 and by the age of 10, he became so immersed in it that his parents began to worry for his future. He put little effort in his school work and would spend most of his time raking up impressive amateur credentials in Dota2. Four years later, his family shifted to the United States. That is when his talent was truly discovered.

Sumail had been playing in the North American Elite League for quite some time now. Upon arriving in America, he quickly became the highest rated player in the in-house league, establishing himself as one of the best upcoming talents. This led him to be eventually recruited by Evil Geniuses in January 2015. Evil Geniues (EG) is the highest earning Dota2 team in North America with the most formidable team line-up and have proven themselves to be among the best in the world.

Sumail’s debut with the Evil Geniuses was at the Dota2 League Season 5 on January 6th 2015, where he failed to impress and was partially the reason for his team’s loss. This led to a lot of critique on whether Sumail was even deserving of a spot on a team like EG or not. However, Sumail would eventually get a chance to redeem himself during the Feburary Dota Asia Championships. His most notable performance during the event was in Game 3 of the finals, where he found himself with a 0-3-0 score on Storm Spirit before the three minute mark. With a finishing score of 17-7-11, Sumail, at the age of 15 and playing his second-ever LAN event, led his team to capture the $1.2 Million Dollar Dota Asia Championships title.

Sumail was able to help his team keep their winning streak in The International 2015 as well. EG took home $6,634,661 for their first place finish, making Sumail the youngest player ever to surpass $1 million in eSports winnings.

While in front of the screen, Sumail means business. But otherwise he is just your regular shy, teenager with a devoted love for Pizza. Sumail’s breakout performance this year has established him as a young prodigy in the International gaming scene and has also secured him a reputation as one of the best Storm Spirit players in the world. Like ZSMJ’s Medusa or BurNIng’s Antimage, Storm Spirit will forever be linked to this boy wonder.

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