Google Photos now lets you search text in images

Sajeel Syed • August 23, 2019

Street criminals in Karachi caught after selfies from stolen phone were uploaded to Google Photos

Shaoor Munir • January 14, 2019

Google Photos roll out “Favourite” feature to mark your best photos

Aqsa Khunshan • May 22, 2018
Google photos

Google Photos rolling out ‘Smiles of 2017’, a look back at your selfies

Sajeel Syed • December 26, 2017

Google Photos can now turn your videos into GIFs

Shaoor Munir • October 13, 2016

Google teases iPhone’s lack of storage capabilities in new Google Photos ad

Saad Mughal • August 9, 2016

Google Photos labeled black people as Gorillas

Maryam Dodhy • July 2, 2015

Google’s new app uses machine learning to automatically organize your photos

Sajeel Syed • August 7, 2019

Google Drive and Photos will stop working jointly from next month

Sajeel Syed • June 17, 2019

Google posts first unedited Pixel 2 camera photos and they look stunning

Uzair Khalid • October 9, 2017

No, Google Pixel is not giving you unlimited Photos storage forever

Uzair Khalid • October 5, 2017

Google can now erase watermarks from photos with its new Algorithm

Ali Leghari • August 21, 2017

Google says hackers used malicious websites to hack iPhones for two years

Muneeb Ahmad • August 30, 2019

Google Pixel 4 leak suggests that we might be getting gesture control

Hamza Zakir • July 22, 2019

This camera app is actually good at removing people from your photos

Hamza Zakir • June 25, 2019

Google lens now has a live text translation feature

Faisal Saeed • May 30, 2019

Google debuts next-generation Google assistant which will be ten times faster

Abdul Wahab • May 8, 2019
Google Pixel 3a xl Price In Pakistan

Google Pixel 3a XL

Faisal Ashfaq • April 26, 2019

Google Pixel 3a

Faisal Ashfaq • April 26, 2019

Malware Alert: A virus in Google Play Store is extracting user data from mobile devices

Faisal Saeed • April 15, 2019