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Many Chinese Chipmaker Companies Are Suffering From US-China Tech Rivalry

China’s chipmaker industry is growing the fastest in the world but US sanctions on local champions from Huawei Technologies...

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Jan 31 · >

China creating a system to protect its technology amid US-China tensions

A Chinese newspaper The People’s Daily has said that China is developing a system to protect its technology as...

Jun 10 · >

Huawei Is Planning To Enter The Pakistani Smartphone Market Again- CEO

The Chinese technology giant Huawei will be returning with its smartphones to the Pakistani Market again and is to...

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Apr 5 · >

China Bans Export Of Major Solar Panel Technologies

China has recently amended its rules to ban the export of several core solar panel technologies to maintain its...

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Feb 1 · >

Huawei organized TrustinTech Summit for Global Technology cooperation and shared Challenges

Huawei held its TrustInTech Summit 2021online, under the theme of “Global Collaboration for Shared Value”.Leaders from across the globe...

Dec 7 · >

Huawei makes a comeback in Pakistan with Y series smartphone

While making a strong come back in Pakistan’s mobile market, Huawei introduced another classic phone from Y series. The...

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Dec 2 · >

Smartphone sales on the rise despite US ban, says Huawei

It might be tempting to believe that Huawei has been hit hard by the sanctions that have been imposed...

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Oct 16 · >

Huawei Mate 30 handsets lose the ability to download Google apps

The biggest and most epic aspect of the US-China trade war has been the Google v. Huawei saga, which...

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Oct 4 · >

Huawei CEO offers to license 5G technology to US companies

The US-China trade war has dragged on long enough, with both sides having to deal with negative consequences. Huawei...

Sep 13 · >

Here’s why Asia is unimpressed by the iPhone 11

The Asian continent is a top priority for Apple nowadays, and understandably so. The company has steadily been losing...

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Sep 12 · >

Here’s why Huawei’s HarmonyOS does not intend to compete with Google’s Android

Ever since the US-China trade war made it difficult for Huawei to rely on the presence of the Android...

Aug 19 · >

China tariffs would hurt Apple and help Samsung, warns Apple CEO Cook

US President Donald Trump might have been responsible for making some very questionable decisions in the past, but his...

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Aug 19 · >

We may see a glimpse of HongMeng OS in Huawei’s developers conference next month

The Chinese tech giant Huawei is holding a Huawei Developer Conference on the 9th of August 2019, and it...

Jul 5 · >

Here’s exactly how much the Huawei P30 Pro depends on US parts

As the biggest and most famous aspect of the on-going US-China trade war, the Huawei vs. US firms saga...

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Jun 30 · >

Google is set to lose over 700 million users if Huawei leaves Android

The epic saga of the US-China trade war continues, with both sides having dealt heavy blows already; the USA...

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Jun 27 · >

Report claims Chinese hackers have been stealing call records worldwide

As far as large-scale acts of cybercrime are concerned, they are not only difficult to trace, but it is...

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Jun 26 · >

Five more Chinese tech firms blacklisted by the US

The US and China relationships continue to grow worse as the US Commerce Department has blacklisted five more Chinese...

Jun 24 · >

Huawei announces three new phones and a powerful Kirin 810 chipset

Amidst the US-China trade war and Huawei’s growing uncertainty as a smartphone brand, the Chinese tech-giant releases three new...

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Jun 24 · >

Apple is planning to shift upto 30% of its production capacity from China to Southeast Asia

Is Pakistan next for production of iPhones? The Cupertino tech giant Apple is planning to move its production units...

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Jun 21 · >

US ban on Huawei will not affect China-Pakistan projects: Chairman CPEC

While the US has blacklisted the telecom giant Huawei amid its trade war with China, many tech savvies are...

Jun 17 · >

White House office requests another 2-year delay on Huawei ban, WSJ reports

We know that the US had offered temporary relief to Huawei by lifting the ban for 90 days and...

Jun 13 · >

iPhone manufacturer Foxconn says it can help make iPhones outside of China

In light of the recent US-China trade war, a senior executive from Foxconn says that the company can help...

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Jun 12 · >

Facebook just banned Huawei from pre-installing its apps

As per the latest report by Reuters, Facebook will not allow pre-installation its apps which includes Instagram and WhatsApp...

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Jun 8 · >

Wi-Fi Alliance, SD association, JEDEC and Bluetooth SIG restores Huawei membership

Amidst the peak of US-China trade-war fueled by the media frenzy, the Wi-FI Alliance and SD association along with...

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Jun 3 · >