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Google is set to lose over 700 million users if Huawei leaves Android

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Huawei announces three new phones and a powerful Kirin 810 chipset

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White House office requests another 2-year delay on Huawei ban, WSJ reports

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iPhone manufacturer Foxconn says it can help make iPhones outside of China

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Facebook just banned Huawei from pre-installing its apps

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We may see a glimpse of HongMeng OS in Huawei’s developers conference next month

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Five more Chinese tech firms blacklisted by the US

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Apple is planning to shift upto 30% of its production capacity from China to Southeast Asia

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US ban on Huawei will not affect China-Pakistan projects: Chairman CPEC

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Wi-Fi Alliance, SD association, JEDEC and Bluetooth SIG restores Huawei membership

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Tim Cook

Apple loses traction in China as the Chinese smartphone market dips by 15%

Hamza Zakir • January 8, 2019