Apple is shifting mass production of iPhones from China to India: report

Faisal Saeed • 2 hours ago

Apple to launch revised iPhone 8 edition with smaller display but faster processor

Sajeel Syed • April 18, 2019

Apple to use Qualcomm’s 5G modems in 2020 iPhones, report

Sajeel Syed • April 17, 2019

Apple has “lost confidence” in Intel, Huawei happy to serve 5G modems

Hamza Zakir • April 10, 2019

Two college students easily scammed Apple out of almost 1 million dollar in iPhone replacements

Sajeel Syed • April 5, 2019

Apple may add reverse wireless charging feature in its 2019 iPhones

Faisal Saeed • April 2, 2019

Apple unveils Apple TV+ with new exciting content

Faisal Saeed • March 26, 2019

Apple launches a credit card that will be accepted all over the world

Faisal Saeed • March 26, 2019

Apple’s new Airpods feature hands-free Siri and wireless charging case

Muneeb Ahmad • March 21, 2019

Microsoft Windows Defender now available for Apple iMac users

Faisal Saeed • March 21, 2019

Apple updates iMac with 8th and 9th generation Intel core processors

Hamza Zakir • March 20, 2019

Apple’s iPhone X Fold revealed in a new stunning concept video

Faisal Saeed • March 19, 2019

Samsung’s S10 Plus beats Apple’s iPhone XS Max in speed test

Abdul Wahab • March 19, 2019

Apple launches new iPad Mini and Air Devices

Muneeb Ahmad • March 19, 2019

Apple’s latest ad for iPhone reminds us how much we value privacy

Rohaan Manzoor • March 18, 2019

Qualcomm owes Apple around $1 billion in Rebate Payments, court ruling

Rohaan Manzoor • March 18, 2019

Apple says “It’s show time”, confirms next event on March 25

Sajeel Syed • March 12, 2019

Here’s why Apple’s upcoming iPhones are already a thumbs down

Sajeel Syed • March 11, 2019

Trump accidentally calls Tim Cook ‘Tim Apple’

Muneeb Ahmad • March 7, 2019

Corning, Apple’s glass manufacturer is working on flexible glass

Abdul Wahab • March 6, 2019

Apple is reportedly working on iPhone 11’s display to work in water

Sajeel Syed • March 5, 2019