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Elon Musk Has Officially Declared War With Apple

Elon Musk has officially declared the war with Apple, a world’s largest tech company Musk claimed that Apple threatened...

Nov 29 ·>

Elon Musk Will Make His Own Smartphone If Apple Ban Twitter

Elon Musk shared on Saturday that he may launch his own smartphone if Apple and Google decide to ban...

ban twitter

Tech Giant Apple Shows Interest in Buying Manchester United

If the €5.8 billion deal comes to a close, Manchester United will go onto become the richest football club...

Nov 25 ·>
Apple interested in buying Manchester United

In Real Life Test Performance,The Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Completely Destroys The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

With the emergence of technology, many new entrants have taken place in mobile phone manufacturing. Many new mobile phone...

Nov 14 ·>

iPhone Shipments Might Face Problems Amidst COVID Disruption in China; Says Apple

Production issues in China will directly affect Apple share prices, predictions are that revenue growth will fall by 8%...

iPhone 14 production problems

Apple doesn’t want its users to trade NFTs on their Phones

Apple is facing additional anti-competitive allegations after modifying the restrictions for non-fungible token-powered applications and introducing more paid-for marketing...

Oct 31 ·>
apple nfts

Apple’s less-than-expected iPhone sales; while quarterly sales boomed

In a year that will be remembered as a nightmare for many tech firms, Apple has so far managed...

Oct 29 ·>

Twitter’s Elon Problem Might Soon Affect Apple As Well

Reports confirmed that Elon Musk, chief of Tesla, is set to complete his acquisition of mildly popular bird website...

Oct 27 ·>

Apple Confirms it will be making USB-C Charging Port for iPhones

After months of speculation and third-party announcements, Apple has officially confirmed that it will be transitioning its iPhones to...

Oct 27 ·>
Apple USB-C

Apple Is Cutting On iPhone 14 Production Due to Lesser Demand.

Apple is stopping the production of the iPhone 14 Plus partially and is increasing the manufacturing of the more...

Oct 26 ·>
iphone 14

Apple Forced to Make iPhones With a USB Type-C Port

Apple continues to face difficulties over new regulations that will force the company to manufacture iPhone models and other...

Oct 24 ·>
Apple Forced to Make iPhones With a USB Type-C Port

Apple fined $19M for not including charging adapters with iPhones

A civil court in Sao Paulo ordered Apple to pay a fine of $19 million for selling iPhones without...

Oct 17 ·>
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Tech Giants including Apple to release upgrades for 5G rollout in India

Apple, Google, and Samsung said Wednesday that they would provide software upgrades to allow 5G capability on their respective...

Oct 13 ·>

Apple iPhone Crash Detection Auto-Calling 911 on Roller Coasters

Isn’t that exciting for iPhone users to save themselves from accidents? .But wait, it may cause trouble for you...

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Oct 12 ·>

Apple Rumoured to Bring USB-C To AirPods, Mac Accessories By 2024

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is planning to implement USB-C charging across its AirPods and Mac accessories in...

Oct 11 ·>
USB-C charger

Google Plans To Pay Apple $15 Billion Yearly To Be Default Search Engine On Devices

Research analysts Toni Sacconaghi and AB Bernstein with a guest on CNBC, was in the headlines last week. Sacconaghi...

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Oct 10 ·>

India Is Exporting iPhones Worth $2.5 Billion This Year; Pakistan Still Waiting For An Apple Store

India has exported iPhone shipments worth more than $1 billion in five months since April. The India-Apple relationship is...

Oct 7 ·>
India Is Exporting Iphones

India aims to speed up product safety approvals, may benefit Apple and Samsung

India is testing a parallel strategy to speed up new electronic devices. An industry group told Reuters the strategy...

Oct 6 ·>
Apple and samsung

Indian Apple iPhone Exports Exceed $1 Billion In 5 Months

Bloomberg News reported that Apple Inc’s iPhone exports from India exceeded $1 billion in five months since April. Since...

Oct 5 ·>
Apple Iphone

According To Apple CEO Tim Cook, one must learn coding at its earliest, probably in Elementary School

In an interview on Friday with Bright, a Dutch media outlet, Apple CEO highlighted the significance of teaching coding...

Oct 3 ·>
Tim Cook

9-Year-Old Girl Develops iOS Application; Gets Praised by Apple CEO Tim Cook

What do we generally expect from an average 9-year-old? Going to school, playing video games, or watching endless youtube...

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Sep 28 ·>
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Apple Is Now Producing iPhone 14 In India While There Is Not A Single Official Apple Store In Pakistan

Apple has decided that from now on, they will start the production of the brand-new iPhone 14 in India....

Sep 26 ·>
iPhone 14

Apple Confirms That There Will Be More Upcoming Problems For iPhone 14 Buyers

Undoubtedly, it is not an appropriate time to purchase any iPhone 14 model. Buying any iPhone 14 at this...

Sep 26 ·>

Infinix FreePods 2-XE27 Review; Price Rs.4,300; Cheapest Alternative For Apple AirPods 2

Recently, Apple launched its Apple Airpods Pro 2 and as always they claimed that it is the best audio...

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