Samsung on the road of developing its own version of Airdrop by Apple

Naima Rabbie • January 27, 2020

China tariffs would hurt Apple and help Samsung, warns Apple CEO Cook

Hamza Zakir • August 19, 2019

Samsung remains the top phone manufacturer, Huawei and Apple follow closely: Strategy Analytics

Sajeel Syed • July 31, 2019

Apple owes Samsung over $170 million in penalties for not selling enough iPhones

Sajeel Syed • June 26, 2019

Samsung’s S10 Plus beats Apple’s iPhone XS Max in speed test

Abdul Wahab • March 19, 2019

Samsung is interested in selling its Galaxy Fold technology to Apple and Google

Abdul Wahab • March 4, 2019

Samsung has more than 10 times greater market share than Apple in Pakistan

Rohaan Manzoor • February 19, 2019

Apple is finally bringing iTunes and AirPlay to Samsung’s smart TVs

Abdul Wahab • January 7, 2019

Apple and Samsung fined for slowing down their phones

Abdul Wahab • October 26, 2018

Step aside Samsung; Apple will now buy millions of LCD/OLED panels from LG

Sajeel Syed • July 13, 2018

Apple to use LG OLEDs instead of Samsung’s, reports Bloomberg

Shehryar Ahmed • June 29, 2018
A Samsung logo and a logo of Apple are seen in this illustration photo in Sarajevo

Samsung rejects jury verdict of $533 million in Apple lawsuit, demands a retrial

Shehryar Ahmed • June 12, 2018

Apple and Samsung might feature triple-camera setup in upcoming phones

Talha Saqib • June 2, 2018

Samsung’s new ad pokes fun at Apple’s battery issues

Sajeel Syed • May 18, 2018
Apple iPhone X Plus

Apple’s upcoming iPhone X Plus to copy signature feature of Samsung’s Note series

Sajeel Syed • April 25, 2018

Samsung beats Apple in smartphone activations

Asra Rizwan • April 20, 2018

Apple begs Samsung to lower OLED prices for upcoming iPhone, report

Sajeel Syed • April 12, 2018
Huawei, the famous Chinese smartphones manufacturer, has shipped over hundred million phones in just first three quarters of the year 2017.

Huawei is mocking Samsung and Apple in this new marketing scheme for P20

Mohammad Jamal • March 23, 2018

Samsung doesn’t copy Apple, it follows its own roadmap, says president DJ Koh

Sajeel Syed • February 27, 2018

Samsung is all in on Galaxy S9 to beat Apple’s iPhone X

Nimra Puri • February 19, 2018