The unidentified creator of Bitcoin is writing a memoir

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Bitcoin is not for me, CEO Goldman Sachs

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“Bitcoin is really controlled by China”, Ripple CEO

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jack ma

Jack Ma says Bitcoin is a bubble but blockchain is not

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Bitcoin Blasts Price Rise

Goldman Sachs says ‘Bitcoin is not a fraud’, confirms Bitcoin futures trading desk

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Bitcoin is not linked to money laundering, says chief scientist from Canada

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Bitcoin is Haram, Fatwa of Egypt’s Grand Mufti

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Alt Coins

5 altcoins to look at if Bitcoin is out of reach for you

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Bitcoin crashing

Bitcoin is failing the founder’s vision to be a currency

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“Bitcoin is un-Islamic”, says Turkey’s religious authority

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Bitcoin Increase $6900

Bitcoin Bubble Burster will tell you when Bitcoin is about to crash

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Bitcoin Money

In Zimbabwe, one Bitcoin is worth as much as $7,200

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Bitcoin is worth three times the price of gold

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Bitcoin is now split into two

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Bitcoin’s rate have seen a ‘whooping’ rate increase after a long time

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The HTC Exodus 1s is the first phone to functions as a full Bitcoin node

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Bitcoin mining experiences a major boost as computing power hits an all-time high

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This Pakistani claims to be the founder of Bitcoin

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A town in Florida forced to pay $500,000 worth of Bitcoins to hackers

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Bitcoin nosedives $1,700 as Coinbase goes down

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Bitcoin breaks through $13,000 barrier amid Facebook’s crypto push

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