Latest Google Chrome updates promise better performance and higher productivity

Hamnah Khalid • September 1, 2020

Chrome’s new update may increase battery life by up to 2 hours

Hamnah Khalid • July 7, 2020

Google Chrome is getting new upgrades to make memory consumption more efficient

Hamnah Khalid • June 23, 2020

Google published a timeline for removing the Chrome apps forever

Naima Rabbie • January 16, 2020

Google Chrome to label websites that are slow

Hamza Zakir • November 12, 2019
Google Chrome

Google Chrome launches another life-saving feature

Fatima Hasan • September 30, 2019
Google Chrome

Google rolls out Chrome 75, improves dark mode, adds password generator and more

Sajeel Syed • June 11, 2019

Google unveils Chrome 73, introduces dark mode for Mac

Sajeel Syed • March 13, 2019

Microsoft executive says Mozilla should admit defeat and adopt Chrome’s technology

Shaheryar Ehsan • January 30, 2019

PewDiePie fans are back and this time they are hacking Chromecasts and Smart TVs

Shaoor Munir • January 3, 2019

Chrome’s new Sneak Peek feature allows you to view multiple tabs at the same time

Shaheryar Ehsan • December 21, 2018

Chrome to disallow websites from redirecting you when you press back button

Shaheryar Ehsan • December 19, 2018

Microsoft’s new Chromium based browser will support Chrome Extensions

Shaoor Munir • December 10, 2018

Microsoft and Google working on a Chrome version for Windows on ARM

Shaheryar Ehsan • November 22, 2018

Google Chromecasts can now play music across multiple rooms

Shaheryar Ehsan • November 20, 2018

Chrome will show all “HTTP” sites as not secure from today

Shehryar Ahmed • July 24, 2018
Google Chrome

These popular Google Chrome extensions are collecting your sensitive data

Asra Rizwan • June 12, 2018
Google Chrome

Google Chrome is deleting its “Secure” URL label this year

Aqsa Khunshan • May 18, 2018

Google Chrome starts blocking annoying autoplay videos

Mohammad Jamal • May 4, 2018

Google Chrome now automatically mutes those annoying videos with sound

Sajeel Syed • April 19, 2018

Google is adding a new exciting feature in Chrome

Mohammad Jamal • April 4, 2018

Another blow to crypto as Google bans crypto mining extensions for Chrome

Sajeel Syed • April 3, 2018