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Top 10 Data Science Jobs In 2023 For Newbies

With the emergence of technology, new fields and artificial intelligence tools have become very popular across the world. Similarly,...

Mar 20 · >

Top 10 Python Data Science Courses And boot Camp: You Should Take In 2023

Python is one of the popular languages of data science. It is one of the leading languages to stay...

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Jan 24 · >

Jazz concludes its Data Science Training program

Jazz, Pakistan’s number one 4G operator, and the largest internet and broadband services provider, has successfully concluded its Data...

Dec 2 · >

CodeGirls and QuickStart – A Collaboration for including more Women in Data Science!

QuickStart joined hands with CodeGirls to empower women in technology by giving them free access to its Data Science...

Feb 11 · >

OLX partners with LUMS to train students in data science

OLX, one of Pakistan’s leading online marketplaces, is collaborating with country’s top academic institution – LUMS to help the...

Apr 9 · >

Top 3 free courses on Data Science

Data Science involves using algorithms, techniques, and processes to extract meaningful information from large amounts of data sets which...

Nov 15 · >

Urdu-Hindi Dictionary application launched by Data Science Lab

Information Technology University (ITU) of Lahore has developed Urdu-Hindi dictionary application which will translate any word of Urdu, Hindi,...

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Dec 1 · >

From NED to Stanford: How this Petroleum Engineer found her lost love in Data Science and Fortune 14 Company

An International Oil & Gas Conference is taking place in Islamabad. Accolades are being rewarded to highly competent students...

May 25 · >

WorldCup T20 Cricket – Pakistan Vs India – How Data Science Can Help?

Have you ever heard of Money Ball? Or Nate Silver who runs FiveThirtyEight? I was wondering if I can...

Mar 19 · >

Data Sciences, ISIS and Predictions for 2016

Do you know what is common between San Bernardino’s shooting spree and the terrorist attacks in Paris last month?...

Jan 6 · >

Rs18.5 Billion Budget Allocation for Information Technology, Science, and Space Technology in 2023-24

In a bid to foster technological advancement and bolster national development, the government has placed a special emphasis on...

Jun 5 · >

Science Launches A Platform To Produce Medical Devices: Neuralink’s Competitor

Science, the biotechnology startup, establishes a platform that will enable companies to develop and produce medical devices quickly. The...

Mar 14 · >

Precision Neuroscience Are Designing Brain Implant Safer, Smarter And Reversible

With the emergence of technology, everything is modifying and changing very rapidly. Precision Neuroscience is building a modern alternative...

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Feb 1 · >

China Pakistan Science and Technology Cooperation Center Opens Up in Beijing

The center will focus on the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), big data, cloud computing,...

Nov 30 · >

Tech Giant Oracle Hit by a Lawsuit That Accuses the Company of Stealing Data of 5 Billion People

‘Oracle’, a world-renowned name and a major player in the tech world just got hit by a massive lawsuit,...

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Aug 24 · >

Confiz Data Summit sets the stage to celebrate technological excellence, and promote innovation in tech

In light of the ever-growing technological innovation and the rising growth opportunities in the field of data science, an...

Apr 1 · >

Polish envoy calls for cooperation between Poland, Pakistan in science and tech

In an interview with APP on Saturday, Ambassador of Poland to Pakistan Maciej Pisarski said that Pakistan and Poland could enhance two-way...

Jan 10 · >

PITB and Code for Pakistan Sign MoU to Improve Civic Engagement & Master Data Management Framework (MDMF)

Punjab Information Technology Board(PITB) led by Chairman, PITB, Azfar Manzoor, and Code for Pakistan, led by Country Head, Samina...

Dec 22 · >

KP govt to build Science Museum in the province: Atif Khan

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Science and Technology and Information Technology Mohammad Atif Khan announced on Monday that the provincial...

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Dec 15 · >

Norway eager to cooperate with Pakistan in science and tech: Norwegian envoy

The Scandinavian nation of Norway has expressed interest in working with Pakistan in the domain of science and technology. ...

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Sep 8 · >

Shibli Faraz outlines his grand vision for science and tech in Pakistan

Federal Minister for Science and Technology Shibli Faraz is of the view that developments in science and technology should...

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Aug 23 · >

Google Set To Use Patient Data To Develop Healthcare Algorithms For Hospitals

In recent news, Google has struck a deal with the healthcare industry to access patient records of more than...

May 27 · >

On UN International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Careem celebrates women smashing the Glass Ceiling in Technology

On United Nations (UN) International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Careem embodies its pledge to support women...

Feb 11 · >

Become a proficient Data Scientist with just $30 by taking any one of these courses

Data Science is, without a doubt, one of the leading jobs of the future. In fact, the World Economic...

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