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Pakistanis suffering from load shedding despite having more electricity than they need

The CPEC drive power production projects have led to a drastic rise in the electricity being produced in Pakistan,...

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Feb 25 ·>

Government decides to increase electricity tariffs by Rs.1.90 to revive IMF programme

The Government of Pakistan (GOP) has decided to increase the electricity tariff rates in a bid to revive the...

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Jan 15 ·>

[UPDATED] – #Blackout – Electricity goes out in major cities of Pakistan

UPDATE 7: Electricity was partially restored in areas but has gone out again in some. #Loadshedding is now trending...

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Jan 10 ·>

PM Imran Khan approves increase in electricity prices by as much as 25%: report

Prime Minister Imran Khan has finally given the green light to the long-rumored increase in electricity prices. The move...

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Dec 18 ·>

Government to focus on renewable energy resources to lower the cost of electricity, says Minister for Energy

The Minister for Energy, Omar Ayub Khan, has said, in a meeting with the Ambassador of China to Pakistan,...

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Dec 8 ·>

Pakistan’s electricity losses can be reduced by 90% with ElectroCure governance tool: CEO Ignite

Senate Standing Committee on Information Technology has recently held a meeting to discuss various problems in which the IT...

Jul 9 ·>

3 students from Iqra University have designed electricity generating tiles

Three students from Iqra University, Karachi campus have developed electricity generating tiles. The device produces electricity when you walk...

Jun 14 ·>

Jazz, PESCO and CISNR to collaborate on project aimed at ending electricity theft

In a partnership with GSMA and Center for Intelligent Systems and Network Research (CISNR), Jazz Pakistan is all set...

Jan 22 ·>

Electricity restored in 70% of Lahore, LESCO

Half of the Lahore went into darkness yesterday evening when over 50 feeders tripped as a result of a...

Aug 2 ·>
Lahore Fort

Baloki power plant ready to generate 1,223 megawatt electricity

Balloki Power plant, Regasified Liquefied Natural Gas (RLNG) has been completed successfully which will provide 1,223 MW electricity to...

Jul 30 ·>
Electricity Generation

Now you can monitor your electricity consumption with this new bill

Starting this month, K-Electric has introduced a revamped version of their bill that is not only simpler but extremely...

Apr 27 ·>
Electricity Generation

Govt launches a mobile app for consumers to get real-time electricity billing info

Pakistan has been struggling hard to keep up with the ongoing pace of the modern world of technology. While...

Dec 27 ·>

Bitcoin mining collectively consumes more electricity than 159 countries

Bitcoin’s price is skyrocketing as it crossed $8000 mark, however, one of the most interesting facts, which has been...

Nov 24 ·>

Reduction of Electricity Prices by Rs 1.90 per unit approved

NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority) has approved the reduction in electricity prices by Rs 1.90 per unit under...

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Jun 21 ·>
Electricity Generation

8,000 MW electricity to be added to national grid: Minister for Power

Several power plans will start generating electricity next year as a result of which 8,000 MW of electricity will...

Apr 13 ·>
Transformer over orange sky

Meet the air conditioner that works without electricity

Summers are hot, sweaty and if you live in Pakistan, filled with load-shedding. What if there was an air-conditioner...

Jun 11 ·>
Bangladesh Inventor

CPPA-G and LUMS join hands for capacity building of Power sector entities in Pakistan under the envisaged CTBCM regime

A two-day follow-up training workshop for the officer and engineering professionals of DISCOs (Distribution companies) was arranged on January...

Jan 10 ·>

TPL Trakker offers customized fleet management solution to K-Electric via new partnership

TPL Trakker, Pakistan’s leading mapping, tracking, and IoT services provider, has partnered to provide a comprehensive and personalized fleet...

Dec 23 ·>

Huawei organized TrustinTech Summit for Global Technology cooperation and shared Challenges

Huawei held its TrustInTech Summit 2021online, under the theme of “Global Collaboration for Shared Value”.Leaders from across the globe...

Dec 7 ·>

Huawei shares How to Tackle Climate Change with Technology Innovation at COP26

Dr. Fang Liangzhou, Vice President and CMO of Huawei Digital Power, recently spoke at COP26. At the session “System...

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Nov 5 ·>

Sindh set to acquire 250 diesel electric hybrid buses for public transport

In recent news, the minister of transport for Sindh, Syed Awais Qadir Shah, stated that the provincial transport department...

Oct 14 ·>

Zonergy successfully completed installation of NLC Solar project on Wagha Border

Zonergy has again paved the way for Pakistan’s energy secure future with the completion of the largest 102Kw NLC...

Oct 12 ·>

Pakistan’s energy sector circular debt falls by 85 percent between July and August

In recent news, the Minister for Energy, Hammad Azhar mentioned that the flow of circular debt from the energy...

Oct 11 ·>

ZONERGY’s offering Cutting edge Solar Products for Pakistani Market

Pakistan’s energy crisis has existed for a long time. The gap between increasing population and the need for more...

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Oct 8 ·>