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The CNBC-endorsed crypto exchange pulls exit scam on its over 200,000 users

An Ireland-based cryptocurrency exchange, Bitsane, which was also endorsed by a mainstream media outlet, has just vanished in what...

Jun 28 ·>

A cryptocurrency scam worth $375,000 uncovered

The boom of bitcoin might make investing in cryptocurrency sound like an amazing idea. Any sane person would love...

Nov 24 ·>
Bitcoin miners

Thousands of investors fooled by a Bitcoin Ponzi scheme that generated $135,000 per day

The crypto wallet promised returns of 100 percent in just 15 days. A new Bitcoin Ponzi scheme reportedly defrauded...

Jul 4 ·>

This crypto startup vanished and replaced its website content with word ‘penis’

Prodeum is the latest cryptocurrency company to pull an exit scam. The companies dealing with cryptocurrencies and ICOs are...

Jan 30 ·>

Online petition for second EU referendum ‘pranked’ with fake signatures

Parliamentary authorities instigated an inquiry after they removed around 77,000 fake signatures from an online petition filed for the...

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Jun 28 ·>
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How To Start A Spotify Podcast

Podcasts are today’s modern way of getting to know what’s happening in the world or a way to get...

Jun 4 ·>

Huawei unveils Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro

Huawei has finally released its most awaited and most controversial phones; Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro on 19...

Sep 20 ·>

How to open an account in Bank AL-Habib

Bank AL Habib is one of the premier banks in Pakistan which is run by the Dawood Habib family...

Jul 31 ·>

Microsoft Teams becomes the most popular work collaboration app

Microsoft Teams has overtaken Slack as the most popular app for collaborating on work. The app has crossed 13...

Jul 15 ·>

These are the different ways millennials can save and invest money in Pakistan

Now that we have covered why should Millennials think about investing, we are going to explore the ample investment...

Jun 27 ·>

Top 5 Vivo smartphones in Pakistan for 2019

Vivo, founded in 2009, came to the Pakistani market in 2017. By the start of 2015, Vivo had achieved...

Jun 24 ·>
Vivo Smartphones in Pakistan - TechJuice

Top 5 OPPO smartphones in Pakistan for 2019

If you are a fan of OPPO or looking to try out the brand, we have compiled a mid-year...

Jun 20 ·>

These are the most ordered earphones you can get under $5 from AliExpress

When it comes to small consumer items, few can compete with AliExpress. The best thing about AliExpress is that...

Jun 14 ·>
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Google Pixel 3

Fake degrees from Axact cost $5,000 and were given in an hour, DG FIA informs SC

The degrees awarded from Axact cost $5,000 and were given in one hour, the Director General Federal Investigation Authority...

Feb 9 ·>

Mobilink signs up for GSMA’s Mobile Connect to simplify online logins

Pakistani telecom operator Mobilink has signed up as a founding member of a program by GSMA to simply online...

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Mar 10 ·>
Mobilink Connect