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Google’s AI helped NASA find another planet in Kepler-90’s orbit

We can’t claim our solar system is unique anymore. Nasa has found another planet revolving around a distant star...

Dec 15 · 56 sec read >

10 new earth like planets discovered by NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope

NASA has recently announced the discovery of 10 new Earth-like rocky planets orbiting in their star’s habitable zone. The...

Jun 20 · 1 min read >

NASA has found a ‘super-Earth’ 21 light years away from us

NASA has confirmed the existence of a rocky exoplanet outside our solar system using their Spitzer Space telescope. This...

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Jul 31 · 1 min read >

Everything you need to know about Earth’s ‘bigger, older cousin’

NASA keeps hitting home runs. After finally reaching Pluto, NASA announced on Thursday that their planet-hunting Kepler Space Telescope...

Jul 24 · 2 min read >