Facebook warns investors that it may never launch its cryptocurrency Libra

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Facebook to face scrutiny over its cryptocurrency project next month

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Everything you need to know about Facebook’s cryptocurrency “Libra”

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Facebook unveils Libra its own cryptocurrency backed by Uber, PayPal and Mastercard

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Facebook’s secret cryptocurrency payment service is launching soon, code-named ‘Project Libra’

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Facebook is developing a cryptocurrency for WhatsApp

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Facebook removes the ban on cryptocurrency ads

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3 more companies are suing Google, Facebook for banning crypto ads

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Facebook bans Ads for crypto exchanges, revised policies for financial services

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Mark Zuckerberg to study cryptocurrency to improve Facebook this year

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Telegram is launching its cryptocurrency by the name of Gram

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Facebook’s new digital currency plan faces scrutiny in Congress

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Facebook gets hit with a $5 billion fine over its user privacy problems

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Facebook’s Libra must be kept away from becoming a default currency, NYU professor claims

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The CNBC-endorsed crypto exchange pulls exit scam on its over 200,000 users

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Up For Debate – Is the State Bank’s ban on cryptocurrencies justified?

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Meet the winners of Pakistan’s first Blockchain & AI Hackathon by CryptoChicks Pakistan

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