FBR has Launched Application for Asaan tax returns

Abu Bakar • 7 hours ago

FBR to Cut Down the Duties on Mobile Phone Import

Abu Bakar • 1 day ago

FBR Launches a Mobile App to File Tax Returns

TechJuice • September 13, 2019
Mobile users

FBR collected over Rs. 23 Crore in revenue from imported mobile phones this year

Sajeel Syed • July 17, 2019

PTA asks FBR not to collect tax on phones imported before 1st July 2019

Faisal Saeed • July 16, 2019

FBR to launch single online tax portal for filers

Faisal Saeed • July 12, 2019

FBR reduces upto 45% tax on imported mobile phones

Sajeel Syed • July 1, 2019

FBR tax profiling system is not foolproof and people are sharing their concerns

Shaheryar Ehsan • June 22, 2019

FBR’s new online tax profiling system lets you view your tax details

Shaheryar Ehsan • June 21, 2019

FBR tests AI-powered online tax collection system to end corruption

Sajeel Syed • March 22, 2019

FBR reduces sales tax on earnings through websites

Abdul Wahab • February 5, 2019

FBR has issued new guidelines for registration of imported smartphones

Abdul Wahab • January 30, 2019

FBR is planning to launch a mobile app to help tax filers

Shaoor Munir • December 19, 2018

FBR launches Restaurant Invoice Management System to monitor real-time sales

Ammara Saleem • April 12, 2018
IT and Telecom Industry

Mobile operators will now share customer data with FBR

Uzair Khalid • November 8, 2017

FBR introduces a revamped Customer Relationship Management System

Muneeb Ahmad • April 21, 2017
tax-468440_1280 (2)

FBR launching modified automated e-filling system for return claims in June

Rehan Ahmed • May 6, 2016

FBR and IPO have signed MoU to share data and enforce IP rights

Beenish Bakhtawar • November 5, 2015
FBR put tax on Laptops and Computers

FBR is considering Rs. 3000 import duties on Desktops & Laptops

Fatima Rizwan • June 5, 2015

Here is a list of Digital Initiatives taken by the PTI Govt so far

Abdul Raffay • September 9, 2019

How to open an account in Bank AL-Habib

Abdul Raffay • July 31, 2019

Don’t fall for this WhatsApp scam that’s offering 1000 GB mobile data

Muhammad Usman • July 31, 2019