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FIA arrests cellular companies’ employees part of a gang illegally activating SIM cards

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has apprehended a gang involved in illegally activating SIM cards by arresting the suspects,...

May 10 ·>

Businesses with digital currencies being monitored by FIA

Due to numerous illegal trading of digital currencies, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is currently monitoring all businesses and...

Feb 13 ·>

FIA warns citizens of an Easypaisa/JazzCash fraud

The Cyber Crime Wing (CCW) of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has warned the citizens of Pakistan through its...

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Jan 25 ·>

A software house was raided by FIA earlier this week, FIR also filed

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has filed an FIR against Digitonics Labs Pvt Ltd for engaging in forgery, money...

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Jan 14 ·>

Can FIA file a case against Google for blasphemous content: Lahore court asks

In response to a petition against the government’s failure to remove blasphemous content online, the Lahore High Court Chief...

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Dec 30 ·>

Sindh High Court orders FIA to stop taking action against cryptocurrency traders

The Sindh High Court on Thursday directed relevant authorities to refrain from taking action against digital currency traders. Judge...

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Dec 18 ·>

FIA arrests two involved in social media campaigns against government and army personnel

The Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) has arrested two people involved in starting and running indecent social media campaigns in...

Dec 16 ·>

FIA arrests group responsible for MDCAT ‘paper leak’

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrested a group of 20 students that were allegedly responsible for leaking the medical...

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Nov 30 ·>

FIA catches Karachi gang involved in online car fraud red-handed

This past Sunday, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) confronted a member of a notorious group that had reportedly been...

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Nov 3 ·>

FIA Sindh received multiple requests to investigate the online animal selling platforms

The Federal Investigation Agency Sindh has launched an investigation against the online platforms selling sacrificial animals this Eid. Due...

Aug 6 ·>
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FIA arrests man for blackmailing and harassing woman in Lahore

It is an unfortunate fact of life that technology has allowed us to exercise some of our worst instincts,...

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Aug 29 ·>

PTA and FIA seized illegal equipment and SIMs in a raid in Lahore

Earlier last month, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) along with Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and Intelligence Bureau (IB) carried out...

Aug 7 ·>

Cyber crime centers have been established across 15 cities in Pakistan: FIA Cyber Wing

In order to facilitate the citizens to lodge their complaints and halt the offenses taking place through computers, mobile...

Aug 6 ·>

FIA officer arrested for smuggling smartphones worth millions

Though the telecom regulator of the country, PTA is applying efforts to curb smuggling of smartphones by blocking unregistered...

Jul 24 ·>

Illegal Gray Trafficking setup in Islamabad raided by PTA and FIA, equipment seized

In its continuous struggle to restrict the jeopardy of illegal Gray Trafficking in the country, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA)...

Jul 12 ·>

FIA airport officials involved in stealing passenger’s data for illegal mobile registration

The Director of the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) cybercrime department Afzal Butt has told the Senate Standing Committee on...

Jul 11 ·>

Senate committee summons PTA & FIA over offensive content on social media

The National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Information and Technology has asked the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), Federal Investigation Agency...

Jul 9 ·>

FIA arrests two men involved in harassment on Facebook

Federal Investigation Agency has arrested two men involved in harassment on Facebook. One of the accused is Mustafa from...

Jun 24 ·>

FIA arrests PML-N’s youth wing leader over hateful content on social media

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has arrested Waleed Butt, a leader of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) youth wing for...

Jun 18 ·>

PTA and FIA should collaborate to resolve cyber crime complaints: NA committee

The Standing Committee of National Assembly (NA) of Pakistan on Information Technology & Telecommunication recently held a meeting in...

May 28 ·>

Here are some changes Samsung made to its Galaxy Fold as the Fold fiasco chills out

Samsung has been working to improve its latest device the Galaxy Fold, after the company temporarily suspended its release...

May 16 ·>

FIA arrests a man who threatened a woman with sharing pictures on social media

In its effort to curb online harassment on social media, the Cyber Crime Wing of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)...

May 7 ·>

FIA arrested three men accused of Rs. 4 million Facebook fraud

The cyber crime wing of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has arrested three men for allegedly looting 4 million...

Apr 19 ·>

Facebook, Twitter response “not good” in addressing cyber crime complaints: FIA official

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has told the National Assembly’s standing committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication that Facebook...

Apr 9 ·>