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Facebook to pay up to $5 billion fine in FTC privacy investigation

Facebook is expected to pay as much as $5 billion fine as a result of an ongoing investigation by...

Apr 26 ·>

Here Are Some Of The Major Highlight Reels Of E3 2021

E3 2021 came up with some amazing updates and new announcements that truly revealed where the next generation of...

Jun 16 ·>

How To Start A Spotify Podcast

Podcasts are today’s modern way of getting to know what’s happening in the world or a way to get...

Jun 4 ·>

US Senator fed up of Big Tech, proposes to ban Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google & Microsoft

US Senator Josh Hawley, a staunch critic of Big Tech, unveiled an antitrust bill on Monday that would ban...

Apr 13 ·>

Pakistan becomes head of the World Trade Organization’s Trade & Development committee

Pakistan has been elected to lead the Committee on Trade & Development (CTD) of the World Trade Organisation for...

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Mar 5 ·>

Exploring the dynamics of increasingly absurd viral trends on Pakistani social media

According to a Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) report, the country’s overall internet traffic saw a jump of 15%. More Pakistanis...

Feb 22 ·>

Qualcomm objects to Nvidia’s $40bn acquisition of ARM

U.S. chipmaker Qualcomm has told regulators around the world that it is against Nvidia’s $40 billion acquisition of British...

Feb 13 ·>

Latest lawsuit against Facebook could break it up and destroy Zuckerberg’s empire

As the famous meme goes, looks like Mark Zuckerberg is about to get zucced. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission...

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Dec 11 ·>

Deep Dive – What is Linear Regression in Machine Learning?

For nearly seventy years now, machine learning has had this crude definition attached to it: that it is a...

Sep 3 ·>

Brazil sued Facebook for yet another privacy breach

Earlier this week Brazil announced to fine Facebook $1.6 million for improper sharing of information. According to the Consumer...

Jan 2 ·>

App Annie ranked Facebook as the most downloaded app of the decade

According to a recent report by App Annie. Facebook and its messenger app stand out in the crowd and...

Dec 18 ·>

Realme X2 Pro will have a 90Hz display and Snapdragon 855+

The new Realme X2 Pro is in its manufacturing stage and the Realme China’s Product Director Wang Wei Derek...

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Oct 1 ·>

WB teases new ‘Arkham Origins’ Game

This Monday, WB Games Montréal, the official Twitter account for DC games like the most recent Batman: Arkham Knight...

Sep 25 ·>

Huawei unveils Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro

Huawei has finally released its most awaited and most controversial phones; Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro on 19...

Sep 20 ·>

YouTube Kids has officially been launched on the web

It made parents breathe easier as a mobile application, and now it is available on the web as well....

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Sep 2 ·>

Govt to step back from privatizing Telephone Industry of Pakistan

Government has decided to step back from privatizing Telephone Industry of Pakistan (TIP) and announced to build mobile phone...

Aug 30 ·>

How to open an account in Bank AL-Habib

Bank AL Habib is one of the premier banks in Pakistan which is run by the Dawood Habib family...

Jul 31 ·>

Don’t fall for this WhatsApp scam that’s offering 1000 GB mobile data

A message is making rounds on the internet that’s offering 1000 GB of mobile data. Don’t even click on...

Jul 31 ·>

Facebook won’t have to admit guilt in shocking user privacy settlement

The stars seem to be smiling down upon Facebook CEO and lead culprit in neglecting user privacy Mark Zuckerberg....

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Jul 24 ·>

US Justice Dept. to interrogate Big Tech companies in antitrust case

The lawmakers have been preparing for this moment, and it’s finally here: on Tuesday, the United States Justice Department...

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Jul 24 ·>

Pakistani man sent to jail over TikTok video

Sajid Khan, who belongs to Jhelum Pakistan, has been sent to jail for uploading a TikTok video while holding...

Jul 23 ·>

Samsung may use faster 12 GB RAM for upcoming Note 10

On 18th of July, Samsung Electronics has announced that it was starting mass production of a new 12 GB...

Jul 22 ·>

Microsoft Teams becomes the most popular work collaboration app

Microsoft Teams has overtaken Slack as the most popular app for collaborating on work. The app has crossed 13...

Jul 15 ·>

Facebook gets hit with a $5 billion fine over its user privacy problems

Facebook does a massively poor job of protecting its users data and ultimately maintaining their privacy. Be it the...

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Jul 15 ·>