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Are There Any Major Differences Between iPhone 14 & iPhone 13?

Last month, Apple launched its new flagship device iPhone 14, and like all releases, Apple claimed that they have...

Oct 3 ·>
Iphone 14 vs Iphone 13

Locally buy iPhone in Pakistan Vs How much it costs to Import an iPhone 14

As we all know due to the increase in dollar rates, import taxes in Pakistan are sky-high at the...

Sep 27 ·>

Apple Is Now Producing iPhone 14 In India While There Is Not A Single Official Apple Store In Pakistan

Apple has decided that from now on, they will start the production of the brand-new iPhone 14 in India....

Sep 26 ·>
iPhone 14

After installing iOS 16, iPhone users still complaining about battery life issues

Is your iPhone battery life working properly after installing iOS 16? Is it significantly worse than when you were...

Sep 26 ·>
Ios 16

Apple Confirms That There Will Be More Upcoming Problems For iPhone 14 Buyers

Undoubtedly, it is not an appropriate time to purchase any iPhone 14 model. Buying any iPhone 14 at this...

Sep 26 ·>

Why You Should Not Buy iPhone 14? Better Alternatives!

iPhone 14 is here and it has gained the attention of everyone’s eye, just like every model Apple has...

Sep 26 ·>
Iphone 14

Google Pixel 7 Predicted Price Tends To Give Competition To iPhone 14

Undoubtedly, we are nearly heading towards the Launch of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, so we got...

Sep 23 ·>
Google pixel 7

Worried About the iPhone 14 Pro Camera Shaking and Rattling Issue? A Fix Update is Just Around the Corner

Massively anticipated iPhone 14 soon after its release got into some deep waters, users started complaining about different issues...

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Sep 23 ·>

iPhone14 Camera Is Shaking and Producing Buzzing Noise and No One Has Came to Rescue Yet

iPhone seems to have an over-protecting issue for its consumers and doesn’t want to use any cameras but its...

Sep 21 ·>

Which phone is the best, iPhone 14 Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy S22?

Although the iPhone 14 Pro Max and Galaxy S 22 ultra are exceptional phones and are entry-level versions in...

Sep 21 ·>
Apple14 x S22

Major Defects Already Shown In iPhone 14; Apple Admits Many Mistake

Apple has probably sold millions of iPhone 14 units in less than two weeks, but the launch hasn’t been...

Sep 19 ·>

Does the iPhone 14 come with a charger? What’s in the box?

So far almost everyone is aware of the new iPhone 14 and its Pro models that have been introduced....

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Sep 12 ·>

Don’t Switch your Android to an iPhone! Here are 5 Reasons

With the recent announcement of the iPhone 14, now is an excellent time to assess if switching from Android...

Sep 12 ·>
Apple vs Android

Apple Raises Prices for the iPhone 14 and Watch Series 8; except in US and China

With rampant inflation persisting and a worldwide recession looming, all eyes were on how Apple priced its flagship product...

Sep 9 ·>
Apple 2022

Google Confirms Pixel 7 Colors and Chipset Hours before iPhone 14 Launch

It’s surely no surprise that Google is releasing information about the Pixel 7 lineup on the same day as...

Sep 9 ·>
Google Pixel

Is the New iPhone 14 Waterproof? Here’s Apple’s Water-Resistance Explained

iPhone enthusiasts are getting ready to replace their devices with Apple recently announcing the iPhone 14 series as the...

Sep 8 ·>

New Apple Product Prices: Prices for the iPhone 14, Apple Watch Series 8 and the Airpods revealed

With Apple just completing its launch, it’s time Apple customers start searching prices for all the products they announced....

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Sep 8 ·>

What New Features Does iPhone 14 Have? Takeaways From September 7th Event.

The wait is over! The new iPhone is here, on 7th September, Apple hosted an online event in which...

Sep 8 ·>

Apple Unveils iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus: Latest Features and Specs

The popular 6.1-inch is joined by a new, bigger 6.7-inch model, which has a new dual-camera system, Crash Detection,...

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Sep 8 ·>
Apple iPhone 14

Apple Launching the new iPhone 14 today: 10 pm PST

It will begin tonight, September 7, at 10 p.m. PST, and will likely introduce new wearable gadgets in the...

Sep 7 ·>
iPhone 14

Watsapp Will Not Work On Some iPhones From 24 October

According to the help page of the Meta-Owned messaging platform WhatsApp, all iPhones are no longer going to be...

Sep 6 ·>

Over 80% of the iPhone 14 Series Displays are from Samsung: Report

According to a report by Ross Young of DSCC (Display Supply Chain Consultants), it appears that Samsung Display will...

Aug 31 ·>

Latest Leaks From Upcoming iPhone 14 Series

For the past month, the internet has been flooded with iPhone 14 leaks, and rightly so as the new...

Aug 30 ·>
Iphone 14

Apparently, Now is a Good Time to Trade in your iPhone before the iPhone 14 Launch

The iPhone 14 is highly expected to be released early next month. But are you considering an upgrade? You’re...

Aug 26 ·>