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PlayStation Games Set To Come To Smartphones Soon

Many people do not have the luxury of owning the latest gaming consoles and instead stick to gaming on...

Jun 1 ·>

Oppo, Vivo And Meizu Smartphones Said To Adopt Huawei’s Harmony OS

Ever since Huawei’s issue with the U.S government during Trump’s reign, the China-based tech giant has been banned from...

May 13 ·>

Sony Is Planning To Bring Its PlayStation Games To Smartphones, Uncharted, The Last of Us And More

In recent news, Sony the tech giant behind the legendary gaming console PlayStation is aiming to bring its ‘most...

Apr 13 ·>

LG will no longer manufacture smartphones by the end of July 2021

LG is exiting the smartphone business, the company has confirmed. The decision will “enable the company to focus resources...

Apr 5 ·>

New smartphones will have an additional second screen in 2021

With time, smartphones are evolving with new and innovative features such as high-definition cameras, the ability to fold, and...

Feb 17 ·>

5 latest smartphones you can buy in under Rs. 35K in Pakistan – 2021

Budget smartphones are undoubtedly the most sold mobile devices in Pakistan. Most people aren’t looking to spend 100,000+ rupees...

Jan 6 ·>

Researchers can now detect viruses using special smartphones

Researchers have found a new way to detect viruses rapidly with high accuracy using smartphones. In their paper titled...

Dec 18 ·>

Here is how smartphones have become much better than pro cameras in 2020

Thanks to improvements in sensors and neural cores present in mobile processors, such as the ones developed by Qualcomm...

Nov 18 ·>

Average sale price of smartphones up by 10% globally, according to research

A new report from Counterpoint Research suggests that the average selling price (ASP) of smartphones in almost all of...

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Sep 28 ·>

PTA drafts new regulations to promote local manufacturing of smartphones

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) drafted the “Mobile Device Manufacturing Regulations and Authorization” on Tuesday. This new set of...

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Sep 17 ·>

Google to turn the Android-based smartphones into Earthquake detectors

Google is adding an earthquake alert feature for California on Tuesday. Android phones will receive warning notification triggered by...

Aug 12 ·>

Pakistan to start manufacturing smartphones soon, says Federal IT Minister

The Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication informed a committee, on Thursday, that Pakistan has plans to start...

Jul 3 ·>

Locked Down? Not a Problem – This is How Our Smartphones Can Keep You Covered

There is an opportunity in every challenge. At a time where the whole humanity is making unified efforts to ensure...

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Apr 17 ·>

TECNO mobile extend warranties on Smartphones amid coronavirus lockdown

In the wake of Coronavirus lockdown, TECNO mobile has announced to extend the smartphone warranty for an additional two...

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Apr 13 ·>

Vivo Extends the Warranty of its Smartphones in Pakistan

In the wake of the current COVID-19 outbreak, following the government directives Vivo, the global smartphone brand has closed...

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Mar 30 ·>

The Top Midrange Smartphones to Consider this Season

The developments in mobile technology have dramatically boosted the productivity of individuals while bringing major lifestyle changes in every...

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Mar 25 ·>

These Entry-level Smartphones Are True Value For Money Under PKR 25,000/-

We all strive to get the best among all smartphones under our budget. We all love money, but we...

Feb 17 ·>

Man uses 99 smartphones to create a ‘fake traffic jam’ and fool Google Maps

What would you do if you had 99 smartphones at your disposal? For German artist Simon Weckert, the answer...

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Feb 3 ·>

How smartphones can help you in providing active knowledge of Coronavirus

The internet is swamping with the news of coronavirus these days. Most of us have an active knowledge of...

Jan 28 ·>

OPPO to Launch 5G Smartphones Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 and 765G Mobile Platforms

OPPO today announced during the annual Qualcomm Snapdragon Tech Summit, it will become one of the first companies to...

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Dec 4 ·>
Oppo 5G - TechJuice

Chinese company already started working on 6G smartphones

When the whole world is eagerly waiting to finally use the 5G technology, Vivo has taken one step forward...

Nov 14 ·>

Facebook and Ray-ban are going to replace smartphones with glasses

Facebook is working with the creators of Ray-Ban Glasses to develop augmented reality glasses. Both are planning to launch...

Huawei to launch its 5G smartphones in various markets this month

The Chinese tech giant Huawei is going to launch its first 5G smartphone, the Huawei Mate 20 X 5G...

Aug 6 ·>

Huawei sold over 2 million Nova 5 smartphones in just a month

Huawei unveiled its Nova 5 series on June 21, with three smartphones taking the stage including Nova 5i, Nova...

Jul 29 ·>