Instagram starts copying TikTok after Snapchat

AbuBakar • November 15, 2019

Snapchat Has Introduced New 3D Selfie Feature

AbuBakar • September 18, 2019

Snapchat to get its own “Events” feature soon

Sajeel Syed • June 10, 2019

Snapchat witnesses boost in users after fully rolling out redesigned Android app

Abdul Wahab • April 24, 2019

Snapchat’s new feature lets your friends see what you’re up to at any location

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Snapchat beta is coming with Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi and five more languages

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Snapchat might remove the time limit on public posts

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Survey finds using Snapchat makes people happier

Muneeb Ahmad • January 9, 2019

Snapchat borrows features from TikTok as it launches “Lens Challenges”

Rohaan Manzoor • December 21, 2018

Snapchat users are seeking plastic surgeries to look like filters

Ammara Saleem • August 10, 2018
Evan Spiegel - Alwaleed bin Talal

Saudi Prince becomes the biggest investor in SnapChat

TechJuice • August 8, 2018
snapchat phishing

A Pakistani allegedly leaks SnapChat source code on GitHub

Ammara Saleem • August 7, 2018

Snapchat has developed new augmented lenses that respond to your voice

Aqsa Khunshan • August 2, 2018

Saudis one of the highest active users of Snapchat

Aqsa Khunshan • July 26, 2018

Now you can play Tennis against Serena Williams on Snapchat

Aqsa Khunshan • July 4, 2018

Snapchat now allows you to unsend messages

Asra Rizwan • June 12, 2018

After Snapchat, Instagram now targets YouTube with its new video hub

Asra Rizwan • June 7, 2018

Snapchat is working on its own “Login with Snapchat” feature for third-party apps

Aqsa Khunshan • May 30, 2018

Snapchat unveils a cool AR Lens that reacts to sound

Mohammad Jamal • May 29, 2018

Snapchat CEO released redesign despite warnings from designers, report

Mohammad Jamal • May 19, 2018

Snapchat hits an all-time low among millennials

Mohammad Jamal • May 14, 2018

Is Snapchat being killed by Instagram and Whatsapp?

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