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PTA Wants to Increase Manufacturing of Laptops, Tablets, Phones, and Other Products

Alongside suggesting an increased focus on manufacturing, PTA also urged for R&D collaborations with local academia The Pakistan Telecommunication...

Jan 26 · >

NADRA Gives 126000 Tablets To Workers For Digital Census

Pakistan will procure 126,000 tablets from China for the 7th Population and Household Digital Census by 11 December 2022....

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Jan 9 · >

Tablet-in-a-School: KPK to introduce tablets in schools as part of digitization effort

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government, in its continuous attempt to push for province-wide digitization, has decided to launch an initiative...

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Nov 11 · >

WhatsApp will soon work on tablets and iPads through multi-device support

In recent news, WhatsApp is set to introduce multi-device support to its application soon. This means that users will...

Aug 23 · >

Microsoft fixes Office issue for iPad and tablets

In a recent update, Microsoft has finally optimized the application version of Office for the iPad and tablet versions....

Feb 18 · >

Google will not make any tablets in the future

Google is finally dropping its unsuccessful tablet business and will not be releasing any successor to its current Pixel...

Jun 21 · >

World’s largest smartphone protective glass maker launches Astra Glass for tablets and TVs

Corning is the only renowned player in the world when it comes to protective glass for smartphones — Gorilla...

May 16 · >

Samsung to expand its Galaxy Fold lineup with two dual-fold display tablets

Samsung has just postponed its plan for an early launch of Galaxy Fold in various developed markets including China...

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Apr 22 · >

Lineage OS is no longer supported on 30 phones and tablets

Lineage OS, which is the successor of the CyanogenMod, is no longer being officially supported on 30 mobile devices....

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Nov 29 · >

France bans smartphones and tablets in schools

France has started taking healthy use of tech in digital natives of its country seriously. The new ban on...

Aug 2 · >

Did Google just stop selling the Android tablets?

Just recently, Android’s official website got an update and there, people noticed that Google had silently removed the Tablet...

Jun 3 · >

Microsoft to produce cheaper Surface tablets to compete with Apple iPads

Microsoft is working on a new line of budget Surface tablets to compete against the Apple’s low-cost iPad, according...

May 18 · >

Lenovo launches 2 ultra-affordable tablets, price starts at $79

Although tablets are losing their market share and people are least interested in tablets now, but some manufacturers are...

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Nov 18 · >

US bans laptops and tablets on flights from Saudi Arabia, Turkey and many other Muslim countries

The US administration has banned passengers of many Muslim countries from carrying electronic devices on the flight. A UK-based...

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Mar 21 · >

Famous Digital Artists of Pakistan and Their Favorite Tablets

It will not be wrong to say that Pakistan has been blessed with great abundance of talent. Even though...

Nov 16 · >

Mid-sized Tablets’ Showdown: iPad mini 3 vs Nexus 9

The latest mid-sized tablet offerings from Apple and Google went official only a few hours apart earlier this month....

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Oct 22 · >

10 Tablets that Support 3G

With 3G internet available to Pakistani users, the possibilities are endless. For the first time, it makes sense to...

Jul 8 · >

15 great Android apps for Tablets

The Apple’s iPad is famous for its apps, with a library of whooping 475,000 apps specifically designed for the...

Dec 8 · >

FIFA Addiction Reaches Smartphones and Tablets as well

The Electronic Arts (more popularly EA) Sports has not left any arena. All the gaming consoles of EA Games...

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Nov 27 · >

NCCPL Creates Mobile App For Investor Verification

The National Clearing Company Of Pakistan (NCCPL) has introduced a new mobile app, “NCC Bio Verify”, to ease biometric...

Mar 8 · >

Digital Census Portal Has Received 4 Million Entries Within A Few Days

The self-enumeration portal of the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics received four million clicks from people over the last few...

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Mar 1 · >

Top 7 In-Demand Tech Skills For Freelancers

After Covid-19, the trend of doing work from home has increased significantly. Freelancing is becoming more popular these days,...

Feb 16 · >

Samsung Announced The New Galaxy Book 3 Series; Features And Release Date

Samsung announced the launch dates for its brand new laptop series called Galaxy Book 3 Series. The series has...

Feb 2 · >

Pakistan Needs Industry-Coordinated Academia If It Is To Keep Up With Global Technology Industry

In the 21st century, heavy and trusted investment in the technology sector leads to separate developed nations from developing...

Feb 1 · >