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Tesla’s New Invention:Cybertruck Cat Tray That Your Pet Can Use To Poop And Sleep

Tesla, a leading automotive company, always being innovative and high-tech features in its automobiles. Tesla always offers plenty of...

Aug 16 · >

Tesla Launches Solar Charging Feature to Lower Electricity Bills

Named ‘Charge on Solar’, the new feature will let Tesla owners charge their cars with excess electricity produced by...

Jul 19 · >

The Future Of Shoes:Will It Include Foot Scans, A Gaming Engine, And ‘Tesla Like’ Factories

This week, a shoe company founded by members of Britain’s Clark’s footwear dynasty introduced a project that says it...

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Jun 22 · >

Tesla’s New Factory Can Build Cars In Under A Minute

The biggest EV giant Tesla has unveiled a Giga Lab concept in China, the latest retail model planned to...

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Jun 22 · >

NVIDIA Is On The Verge Of Surpassing Facebook And Tesla: Nears $1 Trillion Market Capitalization

Nvidia, an American multinational technology company and a prominent computer chip designer, experienced a remarkable surge in its stock...

May 29 · >

A Robot Walk: Tesla Bot Can Walk Very Slowly And Pick Up Stuff Now

Tesla has shown how much its humanoid robot has progressed—from previous versions. “Optimus,” a humanoid robot, when first launched,...

May 18 · >

Tesla to Open New Mega Factory in Shanghai, China

According to the company, the new Mega Factory will be able to produce 10,000 Megapacks a year Electric car...

Apr 10 · >

Elon Musk Donated $2 Billion Of Tesla’s Shares To Charity Since Last Year

Tesla CEO and one of the most well-known people of 2022, Elon Musk gave 11.5 million shares of his...

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Feb 16 · >

Tesla Workers Unionize in NewYork for Better Pay and Job Security

Writing to the Tesla management, the workers stated that they are now unionizing with Workers United Upstate New York...

Feb 14 · >

Engineer Claims That Tesla’s Video Promoting Self-Driving Was Staged

Tesla used a video in 2016 to promote its self-driving technology is now alleged to be staged by a...

Jan 19 · >

Elon Musk Poured Rocket Fuel On Tesla’s Stock Crash

Tesla investors start the new year willing to escape the shadow of the previous year, 2022. Last year, nearly...

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Jan 13 · >

CES 2023: A Flying Car, A New Gaming Handled And The Tesla Of The Sea

The world’s biggest consumer tech show brought a resurgence to the convention after two difficult pandemic years. At CES,...

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Jan 11 · >

Sony And Honda Put Playstation 5 In Cars To Compete With Tesla

This year at CES 2023, Sony announced AFEELA. A new brand of electric cars in collaboration with Honda. AFEELA...

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Jan 9 · >

Ram’s New Electric Pickup Concept Makes Tesla’s Cybertruck Look Outdated

Ford and General Motors are already in a race of electric vehicles. Ram is playing catch-up On Thursday, it...

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Jan 6 · >

I Had To Cancel My Christmas Plans Because Car Would Not Charge In Freezing Weather:Tesla Owner

A Tesla owner, Virginia Radio Personality, claims that he had to cancel his Christmas plans because his Tesla car...

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Dec 27 · >

Tesla Introduces A Wireless Charging Platform: Inspired By Cybertruck

Great news for all mobile users, a gift from Tesla. Tesla has introduced a Cybertruck-inspired Wireless Charging Platform for...

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Dec 26 · >

Tesla Plans to Freeze Hiring and Lay Off Employees Next Quarter

Back in June, Tesla owner Elon Musk said that he will reduce salaried workforce by roughly 10% in the...

Dec 22 · >

Tesla Pi Mobile:Price:Features:Specifications:Launch Date And How To Buy Online?

Tesla is bringing something new to the mobile market. The new gadget has a lot of updating things for...

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Dec 20 · >

A Fully Loaded Tesla Semi Can Travel 500 Miles On A Single Charge:Elon Musk

Tesla is one the leading companies in producing high-tech modern vehicles. The chief of Tesla Elon Musk announced that...

Nov 30 · >

Tesla Cyber truck Reaches 1.5 Million Pre-Orders

Tesla Cyber truck is an invention of Tesla Inc. The Cyber truck is getting closer to production, as it...

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Nov 23 · >

Elon Musk Focus Towards Twitter Concerns Tesla Investors

With the billionaire spending devoting most of his time and energy towards bettering the newly acquired Twitter, Tesla investors...

Nov 16 · >

Tesla To Assist China Into A Dramatic Crash That Killed Two – Video

Tesla will support Chinese investigators in investigating a dramatic Tesla Model Y crash in Guangdong, China. The crash left...

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Nov 15 · >

New System Floods Twitter With Fake Verified Tweets Including Pepsi, Tesla, Nestle, etc.

Recently, a fake Twitter account impersonating the soft drink brand Pepsi tweeted, “Coke is better.” A fake George Bush...

Nov 14 · >

Tesla Chief, Elon Musk is Under Federal Investigation, Twitter Says in Court Filing

According to the social media company, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, is under investigation by US Federal Authorities. The...

Oct 14 · >