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American Youtuber MrBeast Paid For Eye Surgeries of 1000 Blind People

Arguably the most famous Youtuber and the most watched Youtuber of 2022, Jimmy Donaldson mostly known as MrBeast on...

Feb 1 ·>

Uber Replaces Human Delivery Riders With Robots in the US

Two years ago, Uber gave up the dream of making its own driverless cars and sold its manufacturing company...

Dec 19 ·>

SpaceX First Moon Flight Will Include a DJ, A YouTuber and a K-POP Singer

Named as ‘Dearmoon’, this moon trip crew is created by a Japanese Billionaire and contains 10 creative minds from...

Dec 12 ·>
SpaceX dearmoon crew

Youtube Announced Top 10 Biggest Youtubers Of Pakistan of 2022

Though the Pakistani Youtubers scene is far behind other countries like India and the Youtubers have a far less...

Dec 5 ·>

“Uber Business Model Is Absolutely Unsustainable”- Former Employee

 Uber Files are the disclosed revelations by the Former Chief Lobbyist of Uber, Mark MacGann, who said on Wednesday...

Nov 3 ·>

Uber Eats Starts Delivery of Cannabis in Toronto

Any Uber Eats user above the age of 19 will be able to order cannabis through the Uber Eats...

Oct 21 ·>
uber eats delivers weed

InDriver Announces Expansion As Uber Steps Back in Pakistan

Nowadays traveling has become easy for everyone within a city. These ride-hailing apps promote mobility in the emerging world....

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Oct 13 ·>

Ride-hailing Service Careem may become Cheaper Post-Uber Shutdown

Uber has ceased operations in five major cities in Pakistan, including Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, and Faisalabad. It will...

Oct 13 ·>

Uber Shuts Down Service in Major Cities Including Karachi and Islamabad

Uber however is still operating in Lahore, which is the largest city in the province of Punjab One of...

Oct 11 ·>
Uber Shuts down in major cities including Islamabad and Karachi

Youtuber MrBeast Offered $250K by Billionaire to say “Hi” to his son

Fans were surprised when it was discovered that MrBeast, a renowned YouTuber, paid almost $250,000 for just greeting a...

Oct 10 ·>
mr beast

GTA VI And Uber Were Both Hacked By 18-Year-Old Britains

Last week, a hacker leaked the Slack of GTA VI and leaked around 90 videos of the upcoming game...

Sep 21 ·>
GTA UBER hacked

18 Year Old Hacks into Uber, Forces Ride Sharing Giant to Shut Down its Systems

On Thursday 15th September, a hacker claiming to be 18 years old found his way into Uber’s computer sharing...

Sep 16 ·>
Uber hacked

10-Year Old Musa Tanveer Becomes First Pakistani YouTuber to Win a Diamond Play Button

10-Year-Old Pakistani Youtuber Musa Tanveer just became the first one to cross 10 million subscribers and win Youtube’s diamond...

Sep 14 ·>
Musa Tanveer

Women in the digital world; YouTuber Kanwal Ahmed shares her journey

The concept of the digital world is slowly nurturing in Pakistan. As the country is mainly composed of rural...

Mar 12 ·>

Uber raises the security bar in Pakistan with new and improved background checks

Uber, the global ride-hailing provider that seamlessly connects riders with drivers, is further strengthening its driver screening protocols with...

Feb 15 ·>

Uber set to provide its riders and partner drivers free vaccination trips

Uber, the global ride-hailing platform that seamlessly connects riders with drivers, is offering its riders and drivers once again...

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Dec 9 ·>

Innovative technology is shaping the future of urban mobility: Shahid Khan, Country Head, Uber Pakistan

‘After years of building the ride-hailing ecosystem in Pakistan, the Covid-19 pandemic struck and changed everything that had been...

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Oct 26 ·>

Uber & Easypaisa partner to introduce cashless payments

Uber, the global ride-hailing platform that seamlessly connects riders with drivers, with an aim to encourage digital financial inclusion...

Oct 12 ·>

Uber partners with UNESCO to provide teachers with free rides to vaccination centers

Islamabad – June 23, 2021: Uber, the global ride-hailing platform that seamlessly connects riders with drivers, in an attempt...

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Jun 23 ·>

New government rules may require YouTubers, Facebook pages to get licenses to operate

Pakistan has banned social media some 8 times throughout its history, holds a long and dark record of curbs...

Jun 6 ·>

YouTubers Can Now Finally Change Their Channel Name Without Changing Their Entire Google Account

If your YouTube channel had a name which you, later on, did not prefer or just found it plain...

Apr 23 ·>

Ahmad Awais – a Pakistani Developer and YouTuber Received The Gold GitHub Stars Award

A prominent developer and tech enthusiast named Ahmad Awais has recently received one of the most coveted awards in...

Apr 21 ·>

YouTuber Records Himself Trespassing at SpaceX’s Starship Facilities

A YouTuber named Caesar who runs a small channel called ‘Loco VlogS’ recorded himself entering Space X’s Starship rocket...

Apr 9 ·>

Long-standing partners, Mastercard and Uber extend their partnership to boost payment digitization across Pakistan, the Middle East and Africa

KARACHI: Uber’s long-term partnership with Mastercard continues to grow with a new strategic initiative focusing on digital payments and advancing...

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Apr 8 ·>