Uber to acquire Postmates Inc. for $2.65 billion

Hamnah Khalid • July 7, 2020

Uber Supports Healthcare Workers with the Launch of Uber Medics

Press Release • April 28, 2020

Uber Launches Delivery Service for the First Time in Pakistan to Assist during the COVID-19 Crisis

Press Release • April 6, 2020

Uber Careem merger approved by CCP but with powerful conditions

Tehreem Farooqi • February 21, 2020

California allows Uber’s self-driving cars to get back on its roads

Taha Abdullah • February 7, 2020
PR_Uber and PSO

First of its Kind Fuel Management Solution Strategic Agreement between PSO & UBER

Press Release • January 22, 2020

Uber Pin Code: An all new safety solution

Naima Rabbie • January 9, 2020

Hyundai partnered with Uber for manufacturing flying taxis

Naima Rabbie • January 7, 2020

Uber Completes Acquisition of Careem

Press Release • January 3, 2020

Postmates and Uber filed lawsuit against newly passed labor law

Naima Rabbie • January 2, 2020

Travis Kalanick is selling all his Uber shares

Tehreem Farooqi • December 20, 2019

PCB partners with Uber for ground-breaking girls’ school participation program

Press Release • November 1, 2019

Uber and TEVTA join hands to create large-scale economic opportunities

Press Release • October 21, 2019

Uber’s second quarter report reveals $5.2 billion in net losses

Sajeel Syed • August 9, 2019

Uber Pitch 2019 is all set, here is how to apply

Muneeb Ahmad • August 3, 2019

Uber to fire 400 employees from its marketing team to reduce cost

Faisal Saeed • July 30, 2019

Uber launches another safety feature for its app users in Pakistan

Faisal Saeed • July 29, 2019

Uber’s new service will charge you more for a quiet ride and extra space

Hamza Zakir • July 15, 2019

Facebook unveils Libra its own cryptocurrency backed by Uber, PayPal and Mastercard

Sajeel Syed • June 18, 2019

Uber undergoes major restructuring as COO and CMO leave the company

Shaheryar Ehsan • June 10, 2019

Uber records $1 billion loss in Q1 2019 despite revenue growth

Sajeel Syed • May 31, 2019