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Uber Careem merger approved by CCP but with powerful conditions

The Competition Commission of Pakistan has approved the Uber-Careem merger through a Phase-II order, imposing pro-competitive and tough conditions...

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Feb 21 · >

Ride-hailing Service Careem may become Cheaper Post-Uber Shutdown

Uber has ceased operations in five major cities in Pakistan, including Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, and Faisalabad. It will...

Oct 13 · >

Uber Completes Acquisition of Careem

Uber (NYSE: UBER) today confirmed the official close of the previously announced acquisition of Careem for $3.1 billion. Careem...

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Jan 3 · >

Siayara is a new ride-hailing service in Karachi offering cheaper rates than Careem and Uber

While Careem may be increasing the rates of its packages, we have a new ride-hailing service in town which...

Jul 16 · >

Almost 300 Careem employees will become millionaires as a result of Uber acquisition

Almost 300 employees of Careem will become millionaires, after Uber acquired the Middle Eastern ride-sharing company. 200 of these...

Mar 27 · >

It is official: Uber is acquiring Careem for $3.1 billion

Uber and Careem have reached an agreement for Uber to acquire Careem for $3.1 billion, consisting of $1.7 billion...

Mar 26 · >

Uber to acquire Careem for 3.1 billion dollars

The conversations surrounding the acquisition of Careem by Uber are close to reaching a conclusion as Bloomberg reports that...

Mar 24 · >

Karachi Airport authorities ban Uber & Careem from entering parking area

Jinnah International Airport has prohibited the entry of Uber and Careem ride-hailing services into the airport’s premises. According to...

Mar 20 · >

Uber reportedly in talks to buy Careem

Uber Technologies Inc. — the San Francisco based tech company which is popular for its ride-hailing business, is in...

Mar 1 · >

Sindh Government is all set to regulate Uber and Careem with new legislation

Sindh Government has been on the toes of ride-hailing companies ever since they entered Pakistan. Back in October, they...

Feb 18 · >

Digital Rights Foundation report reveals the disturbing side of unregulated Careem and Uber in Pakistan

Careem and Uber have made transportation a lot easier in Pakistan. Despite all the benefits, several reports from customers,...

Jan 29 · >

Careem, Uber given 7 days to obtain Karachi route permits from Sindh govt

The Sindh Transport department, on Monday, decided to regulate the app-based ride-hailing companies. Uber and Careem have received a...

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Oct 24 · >

Careem and Uber to be banned in Sindh

The Sindh government has decided to ban Uber and Careem. The two ride-hailing services have been given a one...

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Oct 23 · >

Here is why I ditched Careem and Uber to switch to Shahi Sawari

I still remember how one day, in 2016, my friend advised me to install Careem‘s app on my phone,...

Jul 9 · >

Uber plans on merging with Careem, Bloomberg report

Uber, the popular ride-hailing service throughout the world, is in initial talks to look at a possible merger with...

Jul 4 · >

Punjab govt to impose new taxes on Careem and Uber

Uber and Careem will be imposed with new taxes by the name of “Ride-hailing services tax”, in the upcoming...

Mar 30 · >

Government is stepping in to regulate Careem & Uber’s extremely low rates

Government authorities are stepping in to regulate the ride-hailing services in Pakistan. This news comes just a few days...

Aug 25 · >

Rickshaw drivers pour out in huge numbers to protest against Uber and Careem

Rickshaw drivers from the metropolitan city of Lahore poured out on streets in order to protest against the e-cab...

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Apr 27 · >

Going after Uber and Careem is maybe one of the most mindless things Govt. has done till date

Declaring Uber and Careem illegal might be one of the most unintelligent decisions taken by Punjab Government in the...

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Jan 31 · >

“Careem and Uber services are not suspended”

Sindh Transport Minister announces that Careem and Uber services have not been suspended in Karachi. They are only notified...

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Jan 31 · >

Punjab govt declares Careem & Uber illegal

Punjab Government has declared the mobile app taxi service providers including Careem, Uber, and A-One as illegal. A notice...

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Jan 31 · >

Lahore Blast; Careem & Uber offering free rides for blood donors

After a deadly blast today in Lahore, the city is scrambling to attend to the injured and cab-booking service...

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Mar 28 · >

Careem Launches Mass-Commute Service To Help Bussiness In Pakistan

Karachi: Ride-hailer Careem has introduced a Mass-Commute service. On Wednesday, Careem announced its new Mass-Commute service for corporate clients,...

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Jul 14 · >

Uber Shuts Down Service in Major Cities Including Karachi and Islamabad

Uber however is still operating in Lahore, which is the largest city in the province of Punjab One of...

Oct 11 · >