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Meta Invests in Singaporean Startup That Helps Merchants Sell via WhatsApp

Social Giant Meta acquired WhatsApp in 2014, at the time the application was merely used for messaging and voice...

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Aug 15 ·>
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Want to Leave a WhatsApp Group, But Scared of The Exit Notification? You Will Soon be Able to Sneak Out

We all are added into that one group chat we absolutely hate, but cannot leave due to the fear...

Aug 11 ·>

WhatsApp has increased its un-send time limit to 60 hours, including other updates

The first feature enables users to leave a group privately without the app notifying other members that they have...

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Aug 10 ·>
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HBL becomes the first Pakistani bank to provide payment services on WhatsApp

HBL becomes the first Bank in Pakistan to launch “full feature” banking services on WhatsApp. The facility has been...

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Jun 21 ·>

WhatsApp will be having a useful voice message feature soon

WhatsApp will be soon be rolling out an update that will have an effect on voice messages, notifications, and...

Jan 28 ·>

This WhatsApp message can hack your back account

In recent news, a new WhatsApp scam called is being used to rob users of their personal data...

Jan 3 ·>

WhatsApp Web now allows you build your own stickers

WhatsApp Web has now been updated with a built-in custom sticker which allows you take images from your computer...

Nov 26 ·>

WhatsApp finally updates its privacy policy after a €225 million fine

For quite a while the ever-popular messaging platform WhatsApp has faced numerous controversies for its policies and potentially using...

Nov 23 ·>

WhatsApp will now allow users to react without replying

WhatsApp is set to launch new features yet again, however this time it is focused on bringing reactions to...

Nov 23 ·>

WhatsApp aiming to increase the time limit for deleting messages for everyone

WhatsApp’s ‘delete for everyone’ has been a lifesaver feature for countless users. However, the certain latest beta version of...

Nov 3 ·>

How to transfer your WhatsApp data from your iPhone to Android

If you’re switching from an iPhone to an Android then most probably you have come around with the problem...

Oct 29 ·>

WhatsApp chat history can now be transferred between iPhones and Non-Samsung phones

A few months ago a new feature was launched for WhatsApp which allowed users to transfer chat history between...

Oct 27 ·>

WhatsApp has started testing local business directories

WhatsApp is working on new features for its messaging system which now allows users to chat with businesses. the...

Sep 17 ·>

K-Electric Pioneers the Launch of Whatsapp Servce for Customer Convenience in the Power Sector

K-Electric continues to leverage technology and digitization in its business operations with a focus on enhancing customer experience and...

Sep 15 ·>

WhatsApp chat transfer from iOS to Android is finally here

Since August 2021, WhatsApp has been working on new features which include chat transfer from iOS to Android which...

Sep 6 ·>

WhatsApp will soon work on tablets and iPads through multi-device support

In recent news, WhatsApp is set to introduce multi-device support to its application soon. This means that users will...

Aug 23 ·>

How To Make Your WhatsApp Images And Videos Disappear

Let’s admit it, we don’t trust anyone with our chat history or with what we might send because we...

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Aug 16 ·>

Users Can Now Transfer WhatsApp Chats Between Android And iOS

In recent news, WhatsApp has finally announced one of its most demanded features i.e. the ability to transfer chats...

Aug 13 ·>

WhatsApp Launches ‘View Once’ Feature For Photos And Videos

It seems that WhatsApp is taking a page out of other social media platforms book such as Snapchat, etc....

Aug 4 ·>

HBL launches WhatsApp Banking Services, powered by E Ocean

HBL has launched WhatsApp Banking for its customers enabling them to avail select banking services through the platform. The...

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Jul 29 ·>

WhatsApp Is Working On Encrypted Cloud Backups

In order to ensure further privacy and security for users, WhatsApp is adding cloud backups to ensure that there...

Jul 19 ·>

WhatsApp Set To Introduce ‘View Once’ Feature For Pictures And Videos

WhatsApp is set to implement a feature similar to Instagram and Snapchat called ‘view once’ for images and videos....

Jun 23 ·>

WhatsApp’s New Update Will Allow Users To Use Multiple Devices Without An Internet Connection

WhatsApp is set to launch a new feature that will allow users to use the application on multiple devices...

Jun 22 ·>

WhatsApp Set To Receive Multi Device Support And More

WhatsApp is set to receive numerous updates this year which includes Multi-device support, View Once, and Disappearing Mode which...

Jun 9 ·>