WhatsApp is testing a new ‘Search Image’ feature to combat fake news

Sajeel Syed • March 13, 2019

WhatsApp bans 2M accounts to combat fake news

Muhammad Usman • February 12, 2019
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WhatsApp limits ‘forwarded messages’ to curb fake news incited violence

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WhatsApp’s latest ad in a Pakistani newspaper helps you spot fake messages

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Whatsapp starting to hide mute statuses in new update

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New WhatsApp update tells how many times a message was forwarded

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This new WhatsApp feature will save you from a major embarrassment

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WhatsApp to launch voice call feature for desktop version too

Faisal Saeed • May 2, 2019

WhatsApp failed to stop circulation of child sexual abuse videos

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New “Ignore Archived Chats” feature spotted on WhatsApp beta

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This new WhatsApp feature will restrict users sending frequently forwarded messages to the groups

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WhatsApp now lets you decide who can add you to groups

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WhatsApp Dark mode is arriving soon, here’s your first look

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WhatsApp’s new feature would help resolve fake message troubles

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WhatsApp’s new update to add transgender pride flag emoji

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WhatsApp deploying Machine Learning algorithms to fight spam

Shaheryar Ehsan • February 6, 2019

WhatsApp overtakes Facebook as the world’s most popular social networking app

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Let’s talk about fake news and our responsibility in curbing it

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WhatsApp rejects Indian Government demand to trace users

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Here are 5 recent changes in WhatsApp and how they are important

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Researchers pointed out a new flaw in WhatsApp and we all are worried

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