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Government shuts down Acumen in Pakistan

Acumen, an international non-profit NGO working across various developing countries of the world in different initiatives for empowerment, has...

Jun 15 · >

Huawei users frustrated by ads popping up on their home screen

Several Huawei users took to social media to express their frustration towards Huawei for displaying ads on their smartphone...

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Jun 15 · >

Bank Alfalah takes action against employee over abusive comments on social media

Bank Alfalah has taken action against an employee for inappropriate remarks and irrational ‘sexual’ retorts on social media against...

Jun 14 · >

iPhone manufacturer Foxconn says it can help make iPhones outside of China

In light of the recent US-China trade war, a senior executive from Foxconn says that the company can help...

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Jun 12 · >

Xiaomi’s new Mi Band 4 comes with color display, NFC and voice assistant

Xiaomi is launching the next generation of its uber-popular fitness tracker, Mi Band. The Latest Mi Band 4 is...

Jun 12 · >

YouTube’s CEO apologizes to LGBTQ community over handling of Homophobic content

YouTube’s CEO, Susan Wojcicki in an on-stage interview during a Code Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona apologized to the LGBTQ...

Jun 11 · >

Facebook plans to ship new Portal video chat device this year

Facebook is planning to release a new version of its Portal video chatting device this fall. According to Facebook’s...

Jun 11 · >

Microsoft’s next generation Xbox will come with 8K graphics, SSD storage and ray-tracing

As per the details revealed by Microsoft on Sunday, the next generation of Xbox will come with ultra-powerful specs...

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Jun 10 · >

Banning Huawei threatens US National Security, says Google

Google has reportedly warned the Trump administration that banning Huawei will not bode well for US national security, as...

Jun 10 · >

Chinese govt warns tech companies of ‘dire consequences’ for cooperating with Trump Ban

According to the latest report by The New York Times, the Chinese government summoned the top officials of various...

Jun 10 · >

Facebook just banned Huawei from pre-installing its apps

As per the latest report by Reuters, Facebook will not allow pre-installation its apps which includes Instagram and WhatsApp...

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Jun 8 · >

Here are the highlights from WWDC 2019

Apple just concluded its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2019 which was held at San Rose on Monday. A...

Jun 4 · >

Oppo and Xiaomi show off world’s first working ‘under-display’ camera

Oppo and Xiaomi just showed the world’s first notch-less and motor-less screen with an under-display camera via a video...

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Jun 3 · >