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The Pfizer vaccine may not work properly on obese people

According to the latest data, the Pfizer vaccine has proven to be less effective in obese people. New research...

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Mar 1 · 44 sec read >

Amidst Pakistan’s 4G woes, the global fight for 6G has already begun

While most consumers in Pakistan are struggling to get better 4G connectivity, with the plans to introduce 5G technology...

Mar 1 · 57 sec read >

Bill Gates supports nuclear power despite its world-ending potential

In an interview with CNBC, Bill gates – the founder of Microsoft and one of the most prominent philanthropists...

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Feb 26 · 48 sec read >

A win for Privacy. Mozilla bans cookies with the new Total Cookie Protection feature

For privacy-focused users, who are particularly bothered by cookies tracking them, Mozilla has a viable solution. Mozilla – the...

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Feb 26 · 43 sec read >

“Amend Social Media Rules By April 2”, IHC tells the government

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) gave till April 2 to the government to make amendments to the new social...

Feb 26 · 47 sec read >

Users could soon turn Microsoft Word documents into PowerPoint presentations

Reportedly, Microsoft is rolling out a new feature, “Transform,” intended to let Word users turn a text-based Word document...

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Feb 26 · 41 sec read >

Daewoo Express Pakistan partners with Chinese and Swiss companies to launch electric vehicles

Daewoo Express Pakistan has signed an MoU with the Chinese company Skywell Automobiles and Swiss company Hitachi ABB Power...

Feb 26 · 42 sec read >

The rising threat of Indian hacking groups to Pakistan among other South Asian countries

Pakistan continues to be the biggest target of Indian cyber-espionage, and China, with its cyber-espionage groups soliciting information on...

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Feb 26 · 1 min read >

Artificial Intelligence surprises experts by writing a winning college paper

Artificial Intelligence has delivered results in a lot of areas; including medicine, defense, law enforcement, and education. But, in...

Feb 25 · 50 sec read >

National Incubation Centre conducts National Investor Summit 4.0

The National Incubation Centre conducted day 1 of the National Investor Summit on Thursday, inviting entrepreneurs and representatives of...

Feb 25 · 49 sec read >

Elon Musk’s $15 Billion Tweet

Elon Musk has lost the “world’s richest person” status after an 8.6% decline of Tesla shares on Monday, which...

Feb 25 · 48 sec read >

Pakistanis suffering from load shedding despite having more electricity than they need

The CPEC drive power production projects have led to a drastic rise in the electricity being produced in Pakistan,...

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Feb 25 · 1 min read >

NITB encoruages Islamabad citizens to report kidnapping with the “City Islamabad” app’s E-police feature

Launched in March 2020 last year by the National Information Technology Board, the “City Islamabad” is an e-portal that...

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Feb 25 · 45 sec read >