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A digital marketing professional specializing in content-based functional areas - Ahsan Zafeer is driven by a never-ending passion for developing, nurturing, and strategizing key content aspects. He writes extensively on tech, digital marketing, SEO, cybersecurity, and emerging technologies. He also serves as a digital marketing strategist and freelance consultant for globally oriented organizations. He tweets @AhsanZafeer

Ahsan Zafeer

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After Firefox, Google on the path to eliminate “cookies” to ensure user privacy

Have you noticed that message about “accepting cookies” you get every time you visit a site, requiring you to...

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Mar 4 · 47 sec read >

Apple users can now transfer photos and videos to Google photos easily

This week, Apple has introduced a new service that makes it easier for iCloud users to transfer photos and...

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Mar 4 · 44 sec read >

One of the world’s richest men, Bill Gates is not a fan of the iPhone, prefers Android instead.

In an interview on Clubhouse, the invitation-only audio-chat app that’s all the rage these days, Bill Gates revealed his...

Mar 4 · 41 sec read >

Undeterred Chinese hackers continue to challenge America. Warning issued after Microsoft’s mail server program hacked

The US government has issued an official warning after Microsoft announced through a blog post that it has caught...

Mar 4 · 56 sec read >

Punjab farmers pay their water bills digitally with E-Abiana in a historic first

On Wednesday, the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) announced that the E-Abiana bill printing has begun in Layyah, Punjab,...

Mar 4 · 43 sec read >

Australians get ECG on their wrists with the approval of Apple Watch’s ECG feature

Australian health regulators have officially approved the use of the ECG function in the Apple Watch, meaning users in...

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Mar 4 · 43 sec read >

Seeing is no longer believing. Viral Tom Cruise deepfakes mark the beginning of the era of Deepfakes raising widespread global alarm

Have you seen Tom cruise tripping while walking through a clothing store, golfing, or doing a magic trick on...

Mar 4 · 1 min read >

Elon Musk plans on establishing a “private city” before colonizing Mars

After shifting to Texas and moving his company’s operations to the state, Elon Musk now plans on establishing a...

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Mar 3 · 47 sec read >

Facebook fails to counter COVID-19 conspiracy theories on its platforms

Facebook has vowed to deploy artificial intelligence in conjunction with human moderators to leash on conspiracy theorists using its...

Mar 3 · 56 sec read >

Augmented Reality: Company announces smart contact lenses that could change the way humans see

Google abandoned the project to develop smart contact lenses for augmented reality in 2018, but these lenses are becoming...

Mar 3 · 42 sec read >

Entrepreneurs from Azad Jammu and Kashmir to get their own Incubation center

The National Incubation Centre (NIC) inaugurated a new incubation center on Tuesday in a ceremony held in Mirpur, Azad...

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Mar 3 · 49 sec read >

Google welcomes wider adoption of remote work by adding new updates to Workspace

A new version of Google’s Workspace will be tailored as per the emerging workforce’s needs comprising of frontline workers...

Mar 2 · 46 sec read >

Pixel phone users can now take underwater photos with new Google update

A new pixel update is all set to take the pixel phone users by storm, introducing new features such...

Mar 2 · 44 sec read >