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Apple-Qualcomm battle intensifies

Chipmaker Qualcomm has taken a new step to escalate its legal spat with tech giant Apple by going to...

May 5 ·>
qualcomm apple lawsuit

Gmail app for Android now features better phishing protection

Android users around the world can now take a sigh of relief as with this new update by Google...

May 5 ·>

SpaceX plans to launch super-fast internet satellites into space in 2019

Elon Musk’s SpaceX is planning to send the first internet -providing satellites into Earth’s orbit in 2019. This step...

May 4 ·>

China to develop its own Wikipedia

China has announced that it will be developing its own national encyclopedia to rival the Wikipedia. Many websites and...

May 4 ·>

Ride-hailing service Uber launches its operation in Hyderabad

Uber yet in another impressive move is going to expand its operations in Pakistan and will now be offering...

May 4 ·>

Sneak peek at YouTube’s new look

World’s biggest video portal YouTube is going to revamp its website and has released a preview of new user...

May 4 ·>

Facebook is hiring 3,000 employees to filter out violent content

Since Facebook widely launched live streaming early last year, the feature is being used as a mean to broadcast...

May 4 ·>

BIG BREAKTHROUGH! Scientists have eradicated HIV in mice using CRISPR

Massive breakthrough in the field of medics as scientists have found a way to snip out HIV aids virus...

May 4 ·>

Tecno has revealed smartphone prices for Pakistan

Tecno, a Chinese smartphone manufacturing company has revealed its mobile prices for Pakistan. The company just recently officially launched...

May 4 ·>
Tecno Mobile

Huawei Smartphone shipments go up by 21.6 percent

Today, Huawei announced that in Q1 2017, it shipped 34.55 million Smartphones. According to IDC, Huawei’s global smartphone market...

May 3 ·>

Samsung to snatch ‘world’s top chipmaker’ crown from Intel

Korean based tech giant Samsung may decrown world’s top chipmaker Intel in the coming quarter, which has maintained the...

May 3 ·>
Samsung ChipMaker

Female employees of MoIT can now work from home

Ministry of Information and Technology (MoIT) in a bid to promote a more favorable environment for female employees has...

May 3 ·>

Windows 10 S won’t let you change the default browser to Chrome

Microsoft has launched its newest OS along with Surface Laptop at their Education event in New York. After the...

May 3 ·>