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I love to cover news about latest happenings in startup ecosystem and world of technology. I am obsessed with the use of Tech gadgets and always prefer to use them unless I have to make a choice between paperback and Kindle.

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Uber brings its bike-hailing service to Karachi

Uber has announced the arrival of Uber Moto in Karachi today via its official Twitter account. Users can now...

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Apr 19 · >

This app will reduce the harassment of Pakistani women in public places

Information Technology University(ITU) is working on an app that will enable women to report harassment cases occurred in public...

Apr 19 · >

5 exciting summer internship programs you should be applying for!

One needs to take summer internship opportunities seriously because dare I say that internship experience letters are as important...

Apr 18 · >

5 ways university students can make money through side hustles

When you have started university, asking your parents for money can be a real struggle. You know you have...

Apr 16 · >

FBR launches Restaurant Invoice Management System to monitor real-time sales

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has launched Restaurant Invoice Management System to monitor sales first time in Pakistan....

Apr 12 · >

Here are some hilarious tweets on Mark’s Congress testimony from Pakistanis

Mark Zuckerberg is surely having a tough time as he has yet to face another day at the congressional...

Apr 11 · >

5 short courses you can take this summer in Pakistan

Summers should not be all about relaxing and staying at home waiting for the weather to cool down a...

Apr 11 · >

5 ways you can deal with Cyber Harassment

Back in my college days, I was an introvert and often came across as a shy person. I was...

Apr 9 · >

Mountain Dew is up to something big and we all are so curious!

Lately, Mountain Dew is executing some thrilling and stirring activities for public and they seem like a potential cue...

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Apr 9 · >

Annoying things people do that makes you want to throw their phone away forever!

Have you ever felt the strong urge to grab someone’s phone and smash it on the wall because I...

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Apr 7 · >

5 thoughts you have when your Internet is too slow!

Waking up one beautiful morning to check your phone and finding out your internet is too slow is the...

Apr 5 · >

Google pays homage to Nazia Hassan on her 53rd birthday

Google is paying homage to the iconic singer of Pakistan, Nazia Hassan with its doodle feature on her 53rd...

Apr 3 · >