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Impact SEPLAA has created an impact!

Good going iCx SEPLAA Foundation SEPLAA (Seeds of Education, Policy & Legal Awareness Association) Foundation is known to have...

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Nov 26 ·>

IMDb Gets a Life in Pakistan

The post made by The AppJuice team last night for the blocking of IMDb got so viral and perhaps...

Nov 22 ·>

IMDb blocked! Yet We are not Shocked

Disclaimer: We apologize in advance if the issues, remarks or sarcasm in this article offends any person, mindset or...

Nov 21 ·>

Line App made a mockery of First-Mover Advantage

Time and again The AppJuice team has covered various launch-pads and judges always ask for a few things quite...

Nov 19 ·>

6 Must Watch Movies for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur is always seeking two three things. Either there is a will to change how things work in...

Nov 19 ·>

Relude is unheard but Angry Birds is a household name

If someone was to ask back in 2003 about a company by the name of Relude no one would...

Nov 17 ·>

Furniture Hub – A new style to buy Furniture!

If there is something that takes the edge it is always one thing. Identifying a segment it is, which...

Nov 14 ·>

Wordy! The upcoming anagram sensation by Data Arc

Official review by The AppJuice Addictive, if we call it, won’t be an exaggeration. The new Android app Wordy...

Nov 13 ·>

The rise and rise of SMSall

If anything has brought all political parties together it is not any agenda. No matter how hard one tries...

Nov 10 ·>

NADRA should be given another responsibility

NADRA and Technology National Database and Registration Authority, more popularly known by its Urdu female familiar acronym (NADRA/ نادرا),...

Nov 9 ·>

Plan9 Lahore Launchpad – The Goods and The Bads

The finale of Plan9 Lahore Launchpad  in itself was impressive considering the kind of (not so appealing) environment Pakistan...

Nov 3 ·>

Vacuum of Smartphone Banking in Pakistan

Smartphone Banking in Pakistan Recently going through StumbleUpon (a webpages discovery engine recommended by a friend of mine) I...

Oct 8 ·>

Can Olaround make it big?

Olaround helps you spot places & deals that you’ll love! Get rewarded for shopping at your favorite brands Celebrating...

Oct 3 ·>