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OnePlus Concept One brings disappearing camera

OnePlus has partnered with McLaren to introduce a concept phone with the co-branding of McLaren on it. The most...

Jan 9 ·>

Samsung entering 2020 with Lite models

The smartphone release pattern of Samsung has been very predictable as of 2019. At the beginning of the year,...

Jan 6 ·>

Xiaomi plans to invest $7 Billion in 5G and AIoT

Xiaomi is a big name when it comes to Chinese mobile companies. And they are known for introducing feature-packed...

Jan 3 ·>

India geared up to introduce 5G in 2020 with Huawei

As the new year has started India has welcomed the Chinese Telecom giant, Huawei to be a part of...

Jan 2 ·>

Turkey revealed their first domestically manufactured Electric Vehicle

Recently we have heard about companies jumping into the Electric Vehicle industry like Porsche. Tesla was the first to...

Dec 30 ·>

Russia has successfully tested their own version of the internet.

The Russian government has announced that they have successfully tested their own internet which is an alternative to the...

Dec 26 ·>

E-verification of documents to be introduced by HEC.

Verification and attestation of educational documents have always been an issue for the general public. There are so many...

Dec 24 ·>

Arslan Ash, Pakistani Tekken star is now ESPN’s E sports Player of the Year 2019

We all are aware of the name Arslan Ash because of his recent achievement in the e-sports industry. Arslan...

Dec 23 ·>

Systems Limited hosted a QA Meetup in Lahore

Systems Limited is currently a leading global technology and business process outsourcing service provider, that is delivering technology-led BPO...

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Dec 20 ·>

Samsung’s new foldable smartphone can be a RAZR lookalike

We all remember when the new RAZR phone was launched, it was a pretty low key event in Los...

Dec 19 ·>

Careem and MicroEnsure partner to make Insurance available on App

Karachi, September 19, 2019: Careem and MicroEnsure have recently entered into a strategic partnership to offer innovative digital insurance...

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Sep 20 ·>

WhatsApp and Telegram flaw puts billions of users’ data at stake, report

WhatsApp and Telegram are the names of messaging apps everyone is familiar with. We all use them on a...

Jul 18 ·>
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Huawei to introduce Honor smart TV in the future

At a very recent Honor meeting, the president of the Huawei’s sub-brand Honor, George Zhao made an official statement...

Jul 16 ·>
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